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4 Costly Mistakes In a Las Vegas High Asset Divorce

High asset divorce cases are always complicated legal matters. The more financial assets there are to divide, the more complex the divorce process. This is particularly true in contested divorce matters where the you and your soon to be ex disagree on how the assets are to be split. Our Las Vegas divorce attorneys discuss… Continue Reading

9 Critical Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Finding the best legal representation for your divorce can feel overwhelming. There are hundreds of options, and it may seem difficult to evaluate whether a lawyer is qualified and a good fit for your unique circumstances. When you are looking to retain an attorney, take consultations with a few candidates and make sure their skill-set,… Continue Reading

Advantages of Filing for Divorce First

Many clients who are considering the prospect of divorce ask whether it is better to be the one who files, or if it is better to be the party to respond. For divorce cases the answer is clear: There are advantages of filing for divorce first. In legal terminology, the person who files is known… Continue Reading

Attorney Vincent Mayo Receives Legal Excellence Award

Las Vegas divorce attorney Vincent Mayo has received the 2016 Legal Excellence Award from Vegaslegal Magazine. Vegaslegal covers local legal issues, lawyers, business, and lifestyle topics. The magazine selects legal excellence award recipients on numerous criteria. This includes prominence in select legal practice areas. Attorney Mayo’s primary focus is high net worth divorce matters. Mr…. Continue Reading

Bill Gates Divorce

Bill Gates, the world’s fourth-richest person, and his wife, Melinda, recently announced that they are getting a divorce after nearly 30 years of marriage. They have an estimated combined net worth of $144 billion. The divorce was filed in King County Superior Court in Seattle, Washington. The divorce has captured public attention and has raised… Continue Reading

Business Owners and Divorce

Divorce is complicated enough when dealing with standard marital assets such as bank accounts and family homes. And when one or both parties to the divorce have an ownership stake in a business, matters can quickly become even more complex. Is business ownership subject to division in divorce? How do you value or apportion business… Continue Reading

Can I Change Divorce Attorneys?

Picking a divorce attorney is a rare life occurrence. Therefore, you may not have initially chosen one of the best Las Vegas divorce attorneys for your case. So if you’re wondering if you can change your attorney in a divorce case, the direct answer is yes. However, in some instances changing is your best option…. Continue Reading

Comedian Chris Rock Files for Divorce

Just after the past Christmas Holiday comedian Chris Rock quietly filed for divorce in New Jersey from his wife of almost 19 years, Malaak Compton-Rock. Of course quietly is a relative term when it’s a world-famous celebrity. The comedian asked for privacy during this difficult time. And most of the press so far seems to… Continue Reading

Commingling Separate and Community Property

In Nevada, all marital or community property is subject to division upon divorce. Community property includes all assets acquired during the marriage, with limited exceptions (such as inheritance and gifts specifically to one party, or assets covered in a pre or post-marital agreement). Generally, separate property is property already in possession of each party before… Continue Reading

COVID-19 and Your Las Vegas Divorce Case

If you are in the middle of a divorce case, or if you were gearing up to file for divorce, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has likely affected your plans. In Las Vegas, divorce cases are still proceeding through the family courts, but there are important changes to take note of. Read on to learn about… Continue Reading

Dealing with Divorce in Las Vegas

No one expects their marriage to end, but as any divorce attorney in Las Vegas will tell you, statistics prove that by the 20 year mark of a marriage, approximately 48% end in divorce. This result is typically a combination of factors from both parties, not just one spouse. Additionally, divorce affects the emotions of… Continue Reading

Divorce and Business Valuators

Most business owners invest their savings and countless hours to make their business a success. And with almost half of new businesses failing within five years, there certainly are no guarantees. So when one or both divorcing spouses own a business, the process becomes complicated. Every business owner should know about divorce and business valuators…. Continue Reading

Divorce and Social Security Benefits

When you divorce, all of your income and assets obtained during the divorce are subject to distributions that are not covered in a pre or post-marital agreement. Not all forms of income are treated the same, but all may come into play. There are special rules for certain assets such as pension funds, retirement benefits,… Continue Reading

Divorcing in Las Vegas After 50?

If you are divorcing in Las Vegas after 50, you’re not alone. In fact you’re part of a consistent pattern of older adults in Las Vegas divorces. The good news is that many older divorcees experience a significant increase in happiness post-divorce. A new-found or revitalized feeling of personal freedom is a contributing factor. This… Continue Reading

Do You Qualify for Alimony Payments in Your Divorce?

One of the most contested issues in divorce cases concerns alimony payments. Typically one party thinks they deserve it and the other party doesn’t want to pay it, or at least not the full amount that’s being asked for. In this article our Las Vegas divorce attorneys set the record straight on alimony payments. Temporary… Continue Reading

Estate Planning in a Las Vegas Divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy. In addition to the emotional side of things, there are many financial considerations and changes that need to be made. Beyond resolving issues like property division, alimony, and child custody, the divorce process requires you to make adjustments large and small across many aspects of your life to… Continue Reading

How Can You Challenge a Las Vegas Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial agreements, often called “prenups,” are contracts entered into between parties in anticipation of marriage. Prenups are increasingly common among couples marrying in the 21st Century, and no longer just reserved for the wealthy and the famous. Family courts may, or may not, defer to prenuptial agreements when it comes to dividing marital property and… Continue Reading

How Do I Protect My Rights and Assets During Divorce?

Your divorce attorney protects your rights and assets during divorce. If you have chosen a skilled and dedicated divorce lawyer, they will protect you. Listening to their advice and the reasons behind their strategy is paramount to achieving the best results. The best Las Vegas divorce attorneys know how to limit emotions in a divorce… Continue Reading

How Do You Separate Social Media After Divorce?

Social media is an important part of most people’s lives. The way we connect with our friends and families and share memories are all online. Sharing social media accounts and passwords with your spouse is natural. However, separating your social media lives is part of the divorce process. Many divorcing spouses have years of photos… Continue Reading

How Will Your Divorce Attorney Prepare You for Court Hearings?

Most people will rarely be in a courtroom during their lifetimes. As such, it can be an unfamiliar experience for those not accustomed to the setting and court procedures. Conversely, an experienced divorce attorney has been in a courtroom hundreds, if not thousands of times. A qualified and effective divorce attorney knows how to walk… Continue Reading