State Bar of Nevada Board Certified Divorce Attorney

Attorneys Jennifer V. Abrams and Vincent Mayo are both board certified specialists. State Bar of Nevada Board Certified Divorce Attorneys dedicate their entire legal career to divorce and marital law. However, it’s a very small group. There are over 10,000 licensed attorneys in Nevada. But as of 2019, the State Bar of Nevada recognizes only twenty-two Las Vegas area attorneys as board certified divorce law experts. These attorneys are in high demand and typically deal with complex matters.

Board Certified Specialists

Board Certified Specialists are different than general legal practitioners. The process to become board certified requires a proven history of success in complicated divorce matters. Attorneys must meet requirements for divorce law experience and obtain references from the legal community. These requirements include the number of years dedicated to divorce and marital law, trial experience, and references from family court judges and other local board certified divorce attorneys. Each applicant must also pass a thorough vetting process and written exam. Therefore, only a fraction of one percent of all attorneys in Nevada are board certified.

Divorce Law Expert Examinations

Attorney applicants must pass a demanding and rigorous examination. In order to pass the specialization exam, an attorney must be able to provide comprehensive solutions to complex divorce and family law matters. The Nevada Board of Family Law Specialists tightly controls the distribution of all copies of the Board Certification exam. For these reasons, the process to become board certified is difficult by design.

Many attorneys know each other from the divorce cases where they have been opposing counsel. Therefore, members of the Nevada Board of Family Law Specialists blind grade the exams. This means the members assign a grade to the exam before knowing the identity of the applicant. This ensures that no preferential treatment is given because of a professional relationship bias.

Our Divorce Attorneys Can Help You

When you have a lot at risk in your divorce matter, you deserve to have a Board Certified Divorce Law Specialist on your side. Our divorce attorneys will speak with you directly regarding a consultation. Call our office at 702-222-4021 to speak with one of them and see if what we offer is right for you.