Divorce Attorneys in Las Vegas

It’s important to have a strong advocate on your side when dealing with the expected stresses of divorce proceedings. Jennifer V. Abrams and Vincent Mayo are highly regarded in our local legal community as two of the best divorce attorneys in Las Vegas. You deserve to have all your rights protected and receive your share of the marital assets.

Who’s the Best Las Vegas Divorce Attorney?

There is no one divorce attorney who can lay claim to this title – and for good reason. The complexity of each divorce matter is unique. No two cases are the same, and therefore, there is no single divorce attorney that’s the “best” for every case. So each divorce proceeding participant should look for the divorce attorney in Las Vegas that’s the best one for their individual circumstances.

For example, if you have a short-term marriage with no children or valuable property and your spouse is agreeable to the divorce, hiring one of the best divorce attorneys in Las Vegas is typically not necessary. Conversely, if you have a long-term marriage and/or significant assets, you should be represented by an attorney with ample experience in such matters. Our Las Vegas divorce law firm specializes in resolving complex divorce matters where both spouses have a lot at risk. We primarily handle:

  • Resolving Contested Divorces
  • High Net Worth Divorces
  • Celebrity Divorces
  • Business Valuations
  • Dividing a Professional Practice
  • Complex Division of Marital and Separate Property
  • Validity of Prenuptial Agreements
  • Temporary Spousal Support
  • Alimony – Short and Long-Term
  • Contested Child Custody Disputes

Why Many People Choose the Wrong Divorce Attorney

For most people, getting a divorce is an unfamiliar experience. The lack of familiarity and inherent stresses of going through a divorce are the primary reasons why some divorce clients initially choose the wrong divorce attorney. Given these two factors, being dissatisfied with your first divorce attorney choice is not uncommon. But there are options. In some instances, but not all, it may be wise to change divorce attorneys during your case. In short, you need to determine why you are not satisfied with your current divorce attorney and what, if anything, you should do about it. Here are some instances where changing Las Vegas divorce attorneys is in your best interest.

  • Your initial choice for a divorce attorney does not have the skill-set that match your case facts. Like any other profession, the skills of each divorce attorney are unique. There are times when, in a rush to find legal counsel, your first choice is not the best choice for the type of divorce case you have. This situation can be exaggerated if your primary initial choice is very busy and cannot schedule a consultation soon enough for your liking. Unfortunately there are also divorce attorneys who exaggerate their experience in order to get clients. Conversely, there are many divorce attorneys that realize a case is not well-matched to their skills and they refer the client to another divorce attorney whom they know to be better suited. Our law firm routinely receives referrals of complex contested matters from well-known Las Vegas divorce attorneys who do not handle complicated matters.
  • Your divorce attorney, or their support staff, doesn’t return your calls. While it’s understandable that your attorney cannot be immediately available every time you need their counsel, not communicating back to you as promptly as possible is not acceptable. In simple terms, it means they don’t care about you or their important role in guiding you through this difficult time in your life. The best divorce attorneys in Las Vegas ALWAYS communicate with their clients. At times when they are unavailable, they have set procedures for their support staff to contact you and learn more about your concerns. There are situations where their support staff can assist you and other times where they will gather more information and convey to you when your divorce attorney will contact you directly. There is absolutely no excuse for a lack of communication from your divorce attorney and/or their support staff.
  • Your divorce attorney is unprepared. If your attorney is not prepared for timely court filings or does not display a thorough knowledge of your case at court hearings, it means their concern for your well-being is not what it should be. And certainly not what you deserve. As long as you have informed your attorney of all facts pertinent to your case, they should never be at a loss when appearing on your behalf in court.
  • They ask for continual extensions from the court. Though this may be cause for concern, there are legitimate reasons why extensions are necessary. Many times your divorce attorney requires more time to gather all the necessary information to properly present your case. This is especially true when the opposing party is not willingly providing information and it must be obtained through subpoenas. However, if this is a recurring theme, and there are other signs that your divorce attorney is not managing your case properly, continual extension requests are a red flag.
  • You don’t agree with your divorce attorney’s case strategy. Reasonable people can disagree. But if you don’t agree with how your divorce attorney is handling your case, it may be time to find a new one. You and your divorce attorney must be on the same page when it comes to what is worth fighting for and how it should be done. In order to protect all your rights, you and your Las Vegas divorce attorney need to be unified against the opposing party and their attorney. A note of caution: Be certain of all the reasons that your divorce attorney is handling your case the way they are. If you disagree, give your attorney ample opportunity to explain and clarify what they are doing and why they are doing it. After all, your divorce attorney does this day in and day out. You’re the newcomer here.

Speak to an Expert Divorce Attorney in Las Vegas

Divorce is a serious matter. The outcome of your case will have a lasting impact on your future and the futures of your children. You deserve to have all your rights fully protected with the guidance of the best Las Vegas divorce attorney for what’s at risk in your divorce matter. Our divorce attorneys are seasoned divorce law experts who specialize in handling all forms of complex contested cases. Please call us at (702) 222-4021 to see if what we offer is right for your case.

About Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada was founded in 1905. Las Vegas has reinvented itself many times over the last century. It has evolved from a dusty desert sleep-over town for travelers headed to Los Angeles and other parts of southern California, to now being the “entertainment capital of the world.” The world famous Las Vegas Strip offers upscale hotels, entertainment shows, gaming, and dining destinations of all types.

Las Vegas and the surrounding metropolitan area is currently home to approximately 2.3 million people. The area’s biggest population boom occurred in the 1990’s with the population exploding about 80% in that decade. Residents include representatives of all nationalities and many are employed in or support the tourism and hospitality industries. Over the last 30+ years the Las Vegas economy has diversified into other economic sectors in order to accommodate the growing population.

There are abundant entertainment and recreational opportunities in the Las Vegas valley. Virtually every Strip hotel houses a major casino with numerous restaurants, cafes, and performance venues. Two of the most popular recreational areas are Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Lake Mead National Recreational Area. Visitors to Red Rock enjoy the multi-colored mountain scenery and hiking, biking, and rock climbing activities. Lake Mead offers outdoor enthusiasts fishing, boating, and other water sports.