Las Vegas Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Divorce mediation is where a mediator tries to achieve a settlement outside of the standard divorce court proceedings. This form of divorce resolution can be helpful for issues such as child custody, the division of assets and debts, and alimony. The length of the mediation process varies because each divorce case is unique. But mediation is generally faster, less costly, and more confidential than using the family courts. If mediation does not go well, no one has to continue the process. In other words, either party can terminate divorce mediation at any time. However, if an agreement is reached with the assistance of our divorce attorneys in Las Vegas, then it’s sent to the family court for signing and recording. There are two forms of mediation representation we offer. We can act as the divorce mediator, or we can represent you during the divorce mediation process. In either event you’ll benefit from the experience of our Las Vegas divorce mediation lawyers.

Divorce Law Mediator

Our divorce mediation lawyers have decades of divorce law experience. So their extensive divorce law background provides an understanding of each party’s position. The goal of the divorce mediator is to bring both parties to resolution on all issues. They are completely neutral throughout the process and can never serve as legal counsel to either spouse.

Above all, they can’t force anyone into an agreement. Rather, the divorce mediator will act as a guide for both spouses. If you represent yourself, divorce mediators often advise a review by independent legal counsel before signing any settlement.

Divorce Mediation Representation

Spouses choosing mediation have the right to their own legal counsel. If the mediation process is successful, your lawyer will create the settlement agreement documents for the family court. If mediation fails, your mediation attorney can serve as your divorce lawyer through the normal court processes. Your divorce mediation attorney will:

  • Educate you on the mediation process
  • Provide you with legal advice during mediation
  • Give you their opinion as to how your position would fare in court divorce proceedings

What’s Right For You?

Mediation may be right for your case. But only if both you and your spouse are able to negotiate in good faith. Successful mediation requires that both parties work in earnest to come to a settlement agreement. The mediation process is usually unsuccessful if one or both spouses abuses the process. In other words, use mediation as a stalling tactic or never having the intent of reaching an agreement.

Las Vegas divorce attorneys Jennifer V. Abrams and Vincent Mayo have extensive backgrounds in mediation and the divorce process. They also know the tendencies of each Clark County Family Court judge. They can act as the divorce mediator, or represent you during divorce mediation with an independent third-party mediator.

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