How Do I Protect My Rights and Assets During Divorce?

How do I protect my rights and assets during divorceYour divorce attorney protects your rights and assets during divorce. If you have chosen a skilled and dedicated divorce lawyer, they will protect you. Listening to their advice and the reasons behind their strategy is paramount to achieving the best results. The best Las Vegas divorce attorneys know how to limit emotions in a divorce case. Going through a divorce is a unique experience for you. Attorneys dedicated to the practice of divorce law do it day-in and day-out. They have honed their skills over hundreds of divorce matters and likely know the tendencies of the opposing counsel and the family court judge assigned to your case. There is no substitute for their legal expertise and wealth of experience.

The top divorce lawyers always have their client’s best interest in mind. They do not have the emotional attachments you have. So, they know that it’s important to “pick your battles” wisely. They also know that, as time passes and things between you and your ex hopefully cool down, you’ll look back and appreciate the wisdom they used even more so.

Disagreeing with Your Divorce Attorney

If you disagree with how your divorce attorney is protecting your rights and assets – speak up. If there was ever a situation where open communication is important, this is it. No Las Vegas divorce attorney is a mind reader. While there are divorce lawyers whose egos exceed their expertise, the top Las Vegas divorce attorneys welcome input from their divorce clients. They want your active involvement. This is one way that you can protect yourself.

Regardless, you should always have the final decision in your divorce case. If you and your divorce attorney cannot agree – it’s time to get a new attorney. The same goes for divorce attorneys and their staff that do not promptly communicate with you. This is inexcusable, though sadly common.

Protecting Your Rights and Assets

If you have a short-term marriage, few assets and debts, and no children – most average divorce attorneys will do. However, if you have considerable at risk, you can lose your divorce case by hiring the wrong divorce attorney to represent you. Therefore, you should be prepared to pay legal fees that are directly proportional to what you have at risk.

The Divorce Attorney You Select

Divorce is an infrequent occurrence. So you understandably have little experience in the process. In general, when human beings are inexperienced in a process they often go with the least expensive option. This can be a critical mistake because there are a wide range of abilities – from incompetent to outstanding – among the attorneys who handle divorce cases in Las Vegas.

Divorce attorneys are similar to other professionals – doctors, dentists, CPAs, Financial Advisors, etc. None have the exact same level of expertise but rather they operate in a certain range. And like all professionals, some are better for certain circumstances than others. You should always consult with more than one divorce attorney in Las Vegas. Then go with your gut, stay involved in your case, and expect frequent and intelligent communications with your divorce lawyer.

When is an Attorney the Wrong Choice?

The answer is when you have a lot at stake and hire an discount divorce attorney. There is no one who is a better judge of the abilities of a divorce attorney than the attorney themselves. Those attorneys that charge cheap rates know themselves that they’re not worth more. And they’re almost always right!

Lowering the Cost of Divorce

If you and your spouse keep your emotions in check and conduct yourselves in a civil manner, your divorce will cost far less than if you both don’t. We understand that you cannot control your spouse. In addition, we cannot control their divorce attorney. Nonetheless, we never lose our focus on protecting you. Below are some issues that will increase the costs and time frame for a contested divorce case:

  • One or both parties are hell-bent for revenge
  • One party’s strategy is to drag the case on and “starve” the other party into accepting an unfair settlement
  • The case requires one or more property and/or business valuations
  • One party may have hidden assets
  • The division of assets and debts requires hiring a tax attorney
  • A Child custody dispute requires hiring child custody experts
  • Accurate financial information requires hiring a forensic accountant and/or technology expert
  • International assets requires retaining legal counsel in other countries.

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