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9 Critical Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Finding the best legal representation for your divorce can feel overwhelming. There are hundreds of options, and it may seem difficult to evaluate whether a lawyer is qualified and a good fit for your unique circumstances. When you are looking to retain an attorney, take consultations with a few candidates and make sure their skill-set,… Continue Reading

Advantages of Filing for Divorce First

Many clients who are considering the prospect of divorce ask whether it is better to be the one who files, or if it is better to be the party to respond. For divorce cases the answer is clear: There are advantages of filing for divorce first. In legal terminology, the person who files is known… Continue Reading

Can Alimony Be Modified?

The family court’s decree of divorce is intended to be the final word on the various issues involved in the divorce, including property division, child custody, and alimony. The courts, however, recognize that not everything can be set in stone. Life circumstances may change and a set alimony award may become inappropriate in the future…. Continue Reading

Can I Date During a Divorce?

Divorce is an opportunity to kick-start the next phase of your life. You get to decide who you want to be after your divorce. That could mean finding new hobbies, moving to a new location, getting a new job, or starting a new relationship. While you are not legally prohibited from dating while the divorce… Continue Reading

Can My Divorce Be Kept Private?

If it’s not specifically requested and handled properly, divorce proceedings can be the ultimate form of “airing your dirty laundry” in public. The fact that your marital relationship is ending isn’t the only issue that becomes public. Details of your private life make their way into public court filings and hearings insofar as they relate… Continue Reading

COVID-19 and Your Las Vegas Divorce Case

If you are in the middle of a divorce case, or if you were gearing up to file for divorce, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has likely affected your plans. In Las Vegas, divorce cases are still proceeding through the family courts, but there are important changes to take note of. Read on to learn about… Continue Reading

How Will Your Divorce Attorney Prepare You for Court Hearings?

Most people will rarely be in a courtroom during their lifetimes. As such, it can be an unfamiliar experience for those not accustomed to the setting and court procedures. Conversely, an experienced divorce attorney has been in a courtroom hundreds, if not thousands of times. A qualified and effective divorce attorney knows how to walk… Continue Reading

Las Vegas Divorce Mediation

Spouses going through divorce proceedings in Las Vegas are often surprised to learn how strongly the legal system encourages reaching an agreement outside of family court. Conducting a full trial and having the judge decide the matter is typically the last resort, costing the divorcing spouses involved more time, stress, and money. Therefore family judges… Continue Reading

Las Vegas Divorce Myths

Las Vegas is not only the entertainment capital of the world it’s also the marriage capital. Each year more couples get married in Las Vegas than anywhere else, particularly on Valentine’s Day. However, some people confuse the ease of getting married in Las Vegas with getting a divorce here. The two are not related except… Continue Reading

Legal Separation in Nevada

There are two primary reasons why some spouses initially choose legal separation over divorce. First, divorce is typically not the first option for you and your spouse to deal with your conflicting issues. Marital counseling, couples and individual therapy, and other reconciliation efforts while living apart may help you resolve your disputes without ending in… Continue Reading

Living With Your Spouse During Divorce is a Bad Idea

Divorce matters are complicated for a variety of reasons. Divorces involve complex and heated emotional issues, affect the lives of both parties and their children, and can impact your financial security. Some people consider continuing to live with their spouse during the divorce proceeding. They also may think that keeping the family together can help… Continue Reading

Protect Your Privacy in Divorce

Las Vegas divorce proceedings are a rare event to most people. Therefore, the participants don’t realize that all divorce information is a matter of public record. That is unless your divorce attorney knows how to protect your privacy in divorce cases. Public record means that anyone can attend your divorce court hearings. They can also… Continue Reading

What Are Marriage Annulments?

A marriage annulment is a way to legally cancel a marriage. A court granted marriage annulment voids the marriage. It’s as if the marriage never occurred and the parties where never legally married. Our lawyers understand all aspects of marriage annulments. Unlike divorce, a marriage annulment does not have to be based on residency. Instead… Continue Reading

What is Important for Your Health During a Divorce?

Divorce is a difficult process and effects parents and children alike. Understandably, many parents focus on their children during this time. Therefore, they often forget about their own health during divorce. This is not the best route to take because the stress level in those going through a divorce tends to run high. It is… Continue Reading