Protect Your Privacy in Divorce

Protect your privacy in Las Vegas divorce

Las Vegas divorce proceedings are a rare event to most people. Therefore, the participants don’t realize that all divorce information is a matter of public record. That is unless your divorce attorney knows how to protect your privacy in divorce cases.

Public record means that anyone can attend your divorce court hearings. They can also see a summary of divorce case filings online. What’s even worse, they may get copies of your divorce case file by just by asking the court clerk for it. This file has all your personal divorce information. This includes the names of your children, child custody plans, and personal finances. If you or your spouse owns a business, confidential business information may also be in the file.

Divorce Privacy – It’s Not Just for Celebrities

Sealing a divorce case is almost always done by celebrities. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to want to keep your personal information private. Therefore, everyone who wants to deserves to keep their private life away from prying eyes.

How to Protect Your Privacy in Divorce

Our divorce lawyers know how important privacy can be to some people. One way we can protect you is to seal the divorce case from public view. The process of sealing a divorce case requires the proper court filings and court approval. Once the family court judge signs the Order to Seal your privacy is protected. Only the divorce attorneys of record for both spouses can see the court filings. No one else has access to the file. That means that family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and employers can never see your private dealings.

Ask to Seal Your Divorce Case

Not everyone going through a divorce in Las Vegas cares if their case is private. So it’s always best to ask your attorney to seal your case if it’s important to you.  Please contact our office at 702-222-4021 if you’d like to discuss protecting your privacy during divorce proceedings.