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Can I Date During a Divorce?

Divorce is an opportunity to kick-start the next phase of your life. You get to decide who you want to be after your divorce. That could mean finding new hobbies, moving to a new location, getting a new job, or starting a new relationship. While you are not legally prohibited from dating while the divorce… Continue Reading

Can My Divorce Be Kept Private?

If it’s not specifically requested and handled properly, divorce proceedings can be the ultimate form of “airing your dirty laundry” in public. The fact that your marital relationship is ending isn’t the only issue that becomes public. Details of your private life make their way into public court filings and hearings insofar as they relate… Continue Reading

Community Property in Las Vegas Divorces

Every divorce involves the distribution of marital property in some form. Different states have different rules about what constitutes marital property. Complicating the divorce process are issues such as separate property before marriage and prenuptial and post nuptial agreements. These are some of the different factors family courts will use in evaluating who gets what… Continue Reading

International Divorce Matters

Divorce can be a complex, lengthy, and a difficult process when both spouses live in the same place. But when one spouse lives outside the United States, the challenges can be even greater. Divorcing spouses and their divorce lawyers will need to take into account questions concerning residency, international child custody, foreign assets, and other… Continue Reading

Living With Your Spouse During Divorce is a Bad Idea

Divorce matters are complicated for a variety of reasons. Divorces involve complex and heated emotional issues, affect the lives of both parties and their children, and can impact your financial security. Some people consider continuing to live with their spouse during the divorce proceeding. They also may think that keeping the family together can help… Continue Reading

What if Your Spouse is Hiding Assets?

All divorce matters require the division of assets and debts. Both spouses are required to be completely forthcoming concerning their finances. The assets generally fall into two categories: community property or separate. A third possible category is when the assets are partially commingled which means that marital assets were used in support of a “separate… Continue Reading