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Back to School Child Custody

On Monday over 320,000 children will head back to school in the Clark County School District. This often involves new schools, schoolmates, teachers, and administrative staff. Our divorce attorneys know that back to school can include changes in child custody. So make sure your child custody agreement still works for everyone. New considerations can pop… Continue Reading

Children and Las Vegas Divorce

Divorces can take on a whole new perspective when children are involved. The goal of each divorcing parent must be to minimize the impact children during divorce. The best Las Vegas child custody attorneys know that studies show divorce is easier for children to recover from than a constant high conflict marriage, which causes more… Continue Reading

Divorced Parents and Their Children’s Religious Upbringing

Decisions about raising children can be difficult even in the best of times, and different views on religion, especially so. When parents are divorced, finding a compromise position about how to raise the children can be more so. If divorced parents fundamentally disagree about the religious upbringing of their children, who gets to decide what… Continue Reading

Grandparents Rights

Family comes in many forms. Many people consider their “immediate family” to include more than just the traditional “nuclear” structure and may involve cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. In many families, grandparents are just as involved in the upbringing of grandchildren as are the children’s direct parents. What happens if there is a conflict between… Continue Reading

International Child Custody Disputes

Child custody disputes are often emotionally-charged and complex. When one or both parents maintain a residence outside the United States or are considering relocating to a foreign jurisdiction, many additional complications are likely to arise. Below, our seasoned Las Vegas child custody attorneys address some of the issues to consider in international child custody disputes…. Continue Reading

Nevada Child Support Laws

Nevada child support laws require that parents provide for their children. For divorcing couples, this means that both parents should contribute in some form. The support can take the form of financial, housing, educational, medical, and child care, to name just a few. The financial aspect of child support is based on the physical custody… Continue Reading

Paternity Issues in a Las Vegas Divorce

Typically, the parentage of children to a marriage is clear: The married parties are the legal parents of the children. If, however, there is a question as to the identity of the biological father, or if the children are from a previous relationship, then issues of paternity might arise. In a divorce, it is important… Continue Reading

What Are Child Custody Factors in Nevada?

The child custody factors in Nevada are solely “what’s in the best interest of the children.” It is not what one parent prefers. If the parents cannot agree, then a family court judge will determine child custody. This is a complex and costly process. A child custody expert may assist the judge with a report… Continue Reading

What Are the Child Custody Types in Las Vegas?

Child custody types are some of the most delicate issues in a Las Vegas divorce proceeding. If you have questions about where your children will live if you get divorced, our Las Vegas child custody attorneys are available to guide you. Las Vegas family courts encourage joint-custody situations. But sometimes primary or sole custody rulings… Continue Reading

What is Parental Alienation in a Las Vegas Divorce?

Children of divorcing parents are affected by the divorce process. The ages of the children, and the more involved the children are in their parents disagreements, the more they feel the effects. What makes it even harder on children is parental alienation in a Las Vegas divorce. In a general sense, parental alienation is when… Continue Reading

What is the Best Way to Co-Parent?

Co-parenting is one of the most important issues in a divorce case. You and your ex should both try your best to make the divorce as easy as possible on your children. Depending on your child custody type, not all co-parenting situations are 50/50. Still both parents should find the best way to co-parent and… Continue Reading