Back to School Child Custody

Back to School Child CustodyOn Monday over 320,000 children will head back to school in the Clark County School District. This often involves new schools, schoolmates, teachers, and administrative staff. Our divorce attorneys know that back to school can include changes in child custody. So make sure your child custody agreement still works for everyone.

New considerations can pop up as your children grow and your lifestyle situation changes. This might mean changing your co-parenting plan. Verbal agreements can seem like the best option at first. But smart parents know it’s always best to commit any changes in writing. Moreover, this includes having the Clark County Family Courts recognize permanent changes. While this step may seem unnecessary at first, it is a safe-guard against future problems.

Making Your Child’s Transition Easier

With almost two decades of  experience, our child custody attorneys understand that change is a normal part of ex-spouses’ lifestyles and of child development. New classmates, teachers, schedules, and even schools can make starting a fresh school year challenging. Whenever possible and practical, it is always best to co-operate with your ex-spouse when it comes to changes in parenting plans and your children’s schooling requirements.

Parenting Plan Considerations

Below is a summary checklist of the situations that can possibly affect existing parenting plans.

  • Changes in One or Both Parents’ Work Schedules
  • Changes In Living Arrangements During the School Week
  • Schedule Clashes Due to New Schooling and After School Activities
  • Age, Personality, and Child Developmental Needs Changes
  • Ex-Spouses Career Changes
  • Child Care Changes
  • Residential Changes
  • New Distance Between Parents’ Homes
  • Changing Academic and Extracurricular Activities
  • Moving Out of a School District
  • Parents Disagree on School Choice
  • Possible Moves into a Better School District
  • Moves out of a Child’s Historical School District
  • Current School Not Providing Adequate Educational Opportunities

Back to School and Planning Ahead

A new school year means adjusting from summer vacation mode into a school routine. This goes for your agreed-upon co-parenting situation as well. Both you and your children will transition more smoothly if you plan school related activities ahead of time.

Who gets the report card? Who’s paying for the sports uniforms? Who gets the call in the event of an emergency or picks the children up from school? You can make things easier for everyone involved by arranging for duplicate notifications, deciding on school expenses upfront, and planning for transportation and major project involvement early.

Making Back to School Child Custody Easier

Once both parents have agreed on who is doing what and when, keeping coordinated calendars can help you, your children, caregivers, and coaches all stay informed. If simple texts or emails aren’t doing the job, the easiest way to do this might be to download a co-parenting app specifically designed for parents who share custody.

When You Just Can’t Agree

The Clark County Family Courts prefer that both parents be equally involved in the upbringing of their minor children. So the co-parenting plan should provide for both parents, and most importantly, the best interests of the children involved.

If you find your ex-spouse showing up late for after school pick-ups, not showing up for scheduled events with your children, or putting your children in situations where safety may be at risk, a child custody modification may be your best option.

When your ex isn’t on the same page and your kids are suffering for it, it’s time for legal help. That’s where our divorce lawyers in Las Vegas can provide valuable assistance.

Child Custody Help in Las Vegas

Your children have enough to deal with going back to school without feeling like they are a complication or in the middle of custody disagreements. If you are you having a hard time agreeing with your ex-spouse – Don’t wait. It’s best to seek court intervention to prevent problems.

Our Las Vegas divorce and child custody attorneys have decades of experience in child custody matters. So if you’re ready for immediate assistance, please call us at 702-222-4021 for a consultation.