What Are Child Custody Factors in Nevada?

Child Custody Factors in NevadaThe child custody factors in Nevada are solely “what’s in the best interest of the children.” It is not what one parent prefers. If the parents cannot agree, then a family court judge will determine child custody. This is a complex and costly process.

A child custody expert may assist the judge with a report or testimony. Not all Nevada child custody experts are equal. So it’s important that your Las Vegas child custody attorneys be familiar with the expert. Equally important is the judge’s prior experience with the expert in past cases.

Judges Prefer Joint Custody

Mom does not get primary custody of the children just by asking for it. The Nevada family courts prefer joint custody. That is, the courts wants both parents to be equally involved in their children’s lives. If one parent believes they should have primary custody, they must prove to the court that the other is unfit or unable. Again the proof must focus on the best interest of the children. This may not agree with the parent seeking primary custody.

Listing of Child Custody Factors in Nevada

In some instances there can be apparent child custody factors. In others, the factors are not as clear. Most importantly, the courts are flexible with co-parenting plans because they want both parents to have equal time with their children. Below is a list of some common factors in Nevada.

  • One parent travels a lot for work, therefore joint custody it is not practical.
  • The parents no longer live close to each other so travel time for the children is too long.
  • One parent has always been the primary caretaker and the other parent has been absent from the children’s lives.
  • One parent has a drug or alcohol addiction.
  • A parent suffers from a medically confirmed mental illness.
  • One parent is incarcerated. This is especially true if it’s due to any form of domestic violence, child abuse, or violating court orders for child custody.

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