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Lottery Winnings in a Las Vegas Divorce

There have been cases where one spouse wins a lottery or comes into another form of financial windfall during a Las Vegas divorce case. If you win the lottery or achieve some other significant financial upside, but are separated or in the middle of a Las Vegas divorce, what happens to your money? Do you… Continue Reading

Nevada Community Property Laws

All divorce matters involve some form of division of spousal assets and debts. The manner in which the division occurs depends on the laws in the state with jurisdiction over the divorce case. Each state has their own individual laws, but the laws fall into two general categories: Community property or equitable distribution. Nevada is… Continue Reading

Pensions and Divorce in Las Vegas

Not all assets in a divorce are as simple to divide as a bank account or a house. Some assets require complex valuation and additional legal hurdles in order to be properly distributed in divorce proceedings. Pensions and other retirement accounts raise a number of valuation issues, tax concerns, and legal technicalities. Divorcing spouses with… Continue Reading

Pitfalls to Avoid in Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements (also called antenuptial agreements or “prenups”) are no longer the exclusive concern of the rich and the famous. Today, they are an important consideration for any marrying couple, whether both spouses are income-earning or one spouse has significantly more wealth than the other. What many people don’t realize, until it’s too late, is… Continue Reading

Valuing a Marital Business During Divorce

Not all divorces can be resolved as simply as deciding who gets the house and who gets the car.  Those assets can be relatively easy to handle: Define the property as separate or community, establish the fair market value of the property, and then distribute between the divorcing spouses. Individuals and families, however, often own… Continue Reading

What Are Hidden Assets in Divorce?

Divorcing spouses in Nevada have to disclose their financial condition to the court. This includes a full listing of all their assets. This procedure is meant to ensure that all marital assets are disclosed and therefore subject to division during their divorce case. However, there are instances where spouses try to hide assets through unfair… Continue Reading

What Happens to Real Estate in a Divorce?

The average age of people going through a divorce has increased in recent years. In fact, the divorce rate in the United States for people over the age of 50 has doubled since 1990. Divorcing at 30 may be as simple as determining alimony, child support, and a division of the parties’ bank accounts. Divorces… Continue Reading

What if Your Spouse is Hiding Assets?

All divorce matters require the division of assets and debts. Both spouses are required to be completely forthcoming concerning their finances. The assets generally fall into two categories: community property or separate. A third possible category is when the assets are partially commingled which means that marital assets were used in support of a “separate… Continue Reading

What is Spousal Support and Alimony?

Spousal support and alimony are important factors in divorce cases. This is due to both parties having financial needs. Financial support takes two forms: temporary spousal support and alimony. Temporary spousal support occurs during the divorce proceedings. The payments stop when the divorce is over. Alimony payments, if any, are payments from one ex-spouse to… Continue Reading

Who Moves Out During a Las Vegas Divorce?

One of the most contested issues in many divorces involves the distribution of real property, particularly the family home. Do you sell the house and split the proceeds? Does one spouse buy out the other? What if both spouses want to keep the house? Who should move out of the house while the Las Vegas… Continue Reading