Valentine’s Day Divorce Stress Relief

Valentines Day Post Divorce Stress ReliefValentine’s Day divorce stress relief can include things like yoga, meditation, or professional counseling. But a local Las Vegas business has a new twist. According to a recent article in the Las Vegas Review Journal, a local gun range is offering a “Valentine’s Day Special”. Those who wish to can use machine guns and other firearms to shoot up various marriage related articles. Fortunately the local business draws the line when it comes to photos of ex-spouses. To each their own, but our following recommendations will prove more beneficial in the long run.

Divorce Stress Relief on Valentine’s Day

Remember that human beings are, above almost all things, creatures of habit. So get into positive habits as quickly as possible – and keep them going.

Let it go. Nothing is going to change the fact that you are now divorced. Accept it and get on with your new life. Regardless of what occurred during your marriage and/or divorce proceedings, it’s over. Harboring ill-will will negatively affect you more than anyone else.

If you need to talk to someone get a professional counselor. Your friends may be well-meaning but they are not objective or professionals. They are not in the business of providing positive advice to achieve a goal. Our Las Vegas divorce attorneys provide a list of qualified family counselors to all clients.

Co-parent your children to the best of your ability. Your marriage may be over, but your children still depend on you to be their parent. In fact they probably need you now more than when you were married.

Do not speak badly about your ex in front of your children regardless of how difficult it is to hold your tongue. Your children are going through a transition just as you are. It’s all new to them as well. They are counting on you to be the adult.

Do new things to experience the good things in life. Take up a new hobby. Start a new exercise regimen. Go out with new people to new places. Join a new club. Pick something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t, and go do it. These types of things will go a long way to building a positive self-image.

Start dating as soon as you feel ready. Keep it light and easy, but get out there. Lunch dates are great for this. You have plenty to offer. Let others see it.