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Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorces are those divorces where you and your spouse are in agreement on all issues relevant to your divorce matter. Your agreement must also comply with Nevada law.

We encourage uncontested divorces whenever possible. However, truly uncontested divorces are rare, especially if there are significant assets/debts and/or minor children involved. Verbal discussions and "agreements" with your spouse are one thing. Putting "pen to paper" is quite another. Again, we encourage uncontested divorce matters, but you should not be surprised or disappointed if it does not work out that way.

Beginning an Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorces begin with one party, and only one party, speaking directly with Las Vegas divorce attorneys Jennifer V. Abrams or Vincent Mayo. These consultations are conducted at our offices and usually require at least two hours. Learn more about divorce consultations.

Independent Legal Counsel

The reason that only one party speaks with one of our divorce attorneys is for your protection. If your attorney initially speaks with both parties, there is a perception that they are legally representing both parties as well. If a dispute were to arise on any issue, (which is common) they could not represent either party, against the other, to resolve it. Both parties would then have to select and pay additional fees to two different Las Vegas divorce lawyers.

You Decide What's Best

The uncontested divorce method we employ is the best form of protection for you. Our method allows your divorce attorney to provide you with meaningful and beneficial legal advice. However, it is not our role to change what you and your spouse have agreed to. Rather, your divorce attorney will advise you on whether your agreement is fair to both parties, or benefits one party over the other. Your attorney will often suggest other options if the agreement you have reached with your spouse is not in your best interest.

Regardless of any of the above, you have the final say. Our responsibility is to inform you of the potential consequences of your decision.

Decree of Divorce

Once a final determination has been reached regarding the terms and conditions on all divorce related issues, we will draft a Decree of Divorce. The decree details the agreement between you and your spouse. You and your spouse must review, approve, sign and have notarized, the decree and all the accompanying documents required.

Concluding Your Uncontested Divorce Case

After all signed and notarized documents are returned to our office, uncontested divorces are typically finalized by the Clark County Family Court in one to three weeks.

Attorneys Jennifer V. Abrams, Vincent Mayo and Brandon Leavitt have extensive experience in analyzing all current and possible future considerations that affect your uncontested divorce matter.

"Brandon Leavitt Esq. was great. He let me know what I was going into with my divorce. What could happen and advised me correctly what to do. I think it was a great settlement. My ex wife's attorney fill her head full of bull. Which nothing came up in the settlement. Stephanie Stolz & staff handled everything very quickly. Please use Brandon as your divorce attorney."
- Mark P.

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