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Computer Technology Experts

Most financial information today is computer based and stored digitally on local or network hard drives, or "in the cloud". Cloud based computing is increasingly more popular, but regardless of the different terminology, cloud computing still stores information on a hard drive.

The difference between local drives and cloud drives is that the physical drive is not readily available to the computer technology expert. Additionally, a cloud drive often contains information for other individuals who are not related to the divorce case in any way.

There can be situations where electronic based business and/or personal financial information is manipulated or deleted during a divorce case. Uncovering the actual financial data is the work performed by computer technology experts. These experts operate on the cutting edge of technology and often provide information valuable to forensic accountants. Learn more about Forensic Accountants.

Identifying Digital Data

One of the primary goals of a computer technology expert is to identify digital files that have been deleted or otherwise manipulated. There are often tell-tale signs left on a storage device of such activity. There are instances where this information can be fully or partially recovered. If such information does exist the computer technologist's next step is to preserve the digital data.

Preserving Digital Data

Preserving digital data entails securing the data in various formats. This usually includes making copies of the data during the different phases of the recovery process. The computer technologist will also create a log that specifies each step taken in the processing of the data. This information is then compiled into a report suitable for presentation as case evidence.

Computer Technologist Reports and Testimony

Much like forensic accountants, computer technology experts do not offer any opinion as to the legality of the information itemized in their report. Rather their role is to carefully document the steps they followed and the results of those procedures. It is up to your Las Vegas divorce attorney to use the information contained in their report to your benefit.

The computer technologist may be called upon to testify in a family court hearing or at trial. All computer technology experts retained by our law firm on your behalf are certified by the Clark County Family Courts as experts.

If the computer technologist uncovers information beneficial to your case, Las Vegas divorce attorneys, Jennifer V. Abrams, Vincent Mayo and Brandon Leavitt, will immediately inform the Las Vegas Family court of its existence.

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