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Court Certified Experts

The Las Vegas Family Court judges often rely on independent experts to provide written reports to the court in a divorce matter. Experts retained by our law firm on your behalf typically have decades of focused experience in their specific area of expertise.

The court relies heavily on experts because there is often a conflict between the information provided by each party. The judge cannot reasonable make a determination on which position is accurate without information from a qualified third party.

The family court judge may also hear testimony from an expert. The expert's reputation in the eyes of a Las Vegas Family Court judge is critical when your spouse has a contrary opinion. Each expert retained by our law firm is certified by the Clark County Family Court. They possess the professional experience to be certified by the court and likely have previously appeared before the Family Court judge assigned to your case.

Some areas that experts can be called upon to provide their professional opinions for divorce and family law matters are:

Business Valuators

These experts conduct an investigation and offer opinions on the value of a business owned by one or both spouses in a divorce matter. They use a combination of financial documents and market research to render opinions as to the value of a business. Learn more about Business Valuators.

Forensic Accountants

A forensic accountant does not take financial statements on face value. Rather they examine financial documents for anomalies that indicate the financial documents do not accurately represent the entity or personal finance in question. Learn more about Forensic Accountants.

Computer Technology Experts

There are numerous situations where the content of a computer system is required in a Las Vegas divorce case. The information can include emails, financial statements and transactions, and social media related postings. The computer technology expert is called upon to analyze existing electronic based information, and more often, recover information that has been deleted. Learn more about Computer Technology Experts.

Child Custody Experts

A child custody expert has one specific assignment from the family court judge. They conduct an investigation on numerous aspects of family life and prepare a report for the family law judge, based solely on what is best for the child or children involved. Learn more about Child Custody Experts.

Las Vegas divorce attorneys, Jennifer V. Abrams, Vincent Mayo and Brandon Leavitt, personally select each expert after careful consideration of the unique facts of each divorce case. Equally important, they have prior experience with most experts that your spouse's attorney may choose.

"I had a very positive experience working with attorney Jennifer Abrams. She is everything I wanted in an attorney....savvy, thorough, smart, and nuanced. Ms. Abrams' experience showed with each meeting we had, and she was attentive not only to the mathematics of divorce, but also to the game played behind the scenes. I was impressed, and I recommend her very highly. In addition, her paralegal, Ms. Stoltz, was likewise very attentive, available, and thorough. My experience was overall positive."
- Matt H.

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