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Forensic Accountants

Forensic Accountants are chartered with the complex task of investigating and auditing financial information. They do not take the financial data at face value. Instead they analyze financial evidence related to both business and personal finances. They also provide written reports and/or court testimony to support their findings.

Forensic accountants gather financial information from numerous sources including from you and/or your spouse, business records, bank statements, credit card statements, financial institution statements, and at times from the work done by computer technology experts.

The Power of Subpoenas

Financial data can also include information acquired through court ordered subpoenas, or a series of subpoenas that "follow the money trail". The subpoenas are not served on any party in the divorce matter. Rather they are served on the financial institution which holds the information and/or assets.

All United States regulated financial institutions must comply with a subpoena issued through the Clark County Family courts. The rules and regulations regarding internationally based financial institutions vary widely from country to country and are generally less reliable in subpoena compliance.

Use Forensic Accounting Judiciously

If there is good reason to believe that your spouse is not being truthful about significant financial matters, we can retain a court certified forensic accounting expert on your behalf. However not every forensic accounting examination uncovers wrongdoing. The forensic accounting process is often time consuming for both the CPA firm and your Las Vegas divorce attorney. Therefore, careful consideration must be taken as to when these experts are retained.

Forensic Accounting Reports

The forensic accountant does not offer an opinion on the legality of the financial data. Rather they compile a report and supporting documentation on their findings. It is up to your divorce attorney to use the report to prove fraud or hidden assets.

Forensic Accounting Expert Testimony

All of our forensic accountants are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) who specialize in uncovering hidden assets, and discovering business accounting anomalies. They are certified by the Clark County Family Courts as experts for both submitting reports as evidence and for oral court testimony.

There are instances where a forensic accountant uncovers financial fraud, hidden assets, or other financial value where it was previously thought not to exist. In these cases, Las Vegas divorce attorneys, Jennifer V. Abrams, Vincent Mayo and Brandon Leavitt, will immediately take steps to secure the assets, and hold your spouse accountable if they intentionally tried to mislead the court.

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