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Rule # 8 - Be Realistic About Your Contested Divorce Case Timeframe

You should expect and accept that this may be a difficult and/or lengthy process. Contested divorce cases can become battles of attrition. That is, your spouse attempts to "wear you down" by dragging on your case unnecessarily. You should remove the "urgency" you may perceive in concluding your case. No one can control the opposition in a contested divorce matter. Therefore, it is impossible to predict how long a case will take, how much it will cost, or what the exact outcome may be.

Though we cannot make any guarantees as to the length or expense of a case, you have the absolute right to instruct your Las Vegas divorce lawyer to settle your contested divorce matter at any time. Learn more about the divorce process from information provided by a Board Certified Las Vegas divorce attorney.

Rule # 9 - Seek Other Professional Assistance if Necessary

Our primary role is one as your legal advocate. We take this role very seriously and represent each client with great care and concern. Some clients experience stress during the contested divorce process. This is normal. However, if you are struggling emotionally, you should seek the advice of a mental health professional. If these situations are not properly addressed, you may find yourself making irrational decisions and/or feeling dissatisfied with even the best of outcomes in your case. Your board certified Las Vegas divorce attorney will be happy to provide recommendations of certified mental health professionals upon request.

Rule # 10 - Be Aware of Well Meaning Advice

Please do not listen to advice from your friends or family regardless of how well meaning they are. Everyone knows someone who went through a divorce. Whenever the topic comes up, they often cannot wait to tell you all about what happened to them, as if their case is directly related to yours. It is not. You must understand that your case is completely unique and different from theirs.

If at any time, you have any question or concern, you must bring it to the attention of your Las Vegas divorce attorney. We cannot possibly know if something is concerning you unless you tell us. Do not be hesitant about this.

Rule # 11 - Expect to Pay for the Representation You Are Receiving

The Abrams Law Firm is not the most expensive Las Vegas divorce law firm. We are not a discount law firm either. We provide exceptional legal representation and 24/7 access for you to communicate with your Las Vegas divorce attorney. You should expect to pay for these services according to the terms and conditions contained in our Retainer Agreement. Learn more about Legal Fees and Costs for our Las Vegas family law attorneys.

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