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4. Do Not Conduct Direct Negotiations with Your Spouse

We welcome your spouse's settlement proposal in order to secure resolution of your case. Your spouse simply needs to provide their Las Vegas divorce lawyer with a written proposal. By law, their divorce lawyer is required to provide us with this proposal. This approach provides you with an opportunity to discuss the proposal with your Las Vegas divorce attorney and removes the need for you to directly negotiate with your spouse. Using this process limits your spouse's ability to force you into a bad agreement.

Top Las Vegas Family Lawyers
Our divorce attorneys are considered among the top Las Vegas family lawyers and are experienced and skilled negotiators. Their experience, gained by negotiating decades of settlements, has given us a deep understanding of how to best protect your interests. You should not engage in any unnecessary conversation with your spouse, and most importantly, never sign any documents without first discussing it with your Las Vegas divorce attorney. Seemingly trivial conversations or documents may hurt your case. Your spouse's divorce attorney may also misinterpret your statements and attempt to use them against you.

You should contact your divorce attorney before you act on anything related to your case. You will have your Las Vegas divorce attorney's private cell phone number for emergency or time sensitive communications that need to happen outside of normal business hours. Your attorney will be available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays.

5. You Must Be an Active Participant

We will guide you every step of the way, but we work together as a team on your case. As a valuable member of the team, your active participation is required to resolve your contested divorce matter in the most efficient manner. You must communicate openly with your Las Vegas divorce attorney to ensure we can always best represent your interests. The information you provide regarding your case must be accurate and complete. Cases can be compromised immediately if your spouse's attorney presents information that we were not previously aware of. This kind of "blindsiding" can be avoided by fully informing your divorce lawyer of all pertinent facts.

It's critical that you provide input and follow the instructions given by your Las Vegas divorce attorney. Your divorce attorney's time is best spent focused on the opposition rather than working to get your cooperation.

6. Timely Divorce Matter Communications

All the top Las Vegas family lawyers agree that client communications are essential to providing expert legal representation. We will require you to provide a private phone number where confidential messages can be left. You should change the password to your voice mail. We will also ask you to provide an address where confidential mail related to your divorce case can be sent. Through the ordinary litigation process, this address may be revealed to your spouse. P.O. boxes can be rented if you need a new private address. You will also need to provide us an e-mail address where we can send confidential messages. You should change the password to your e-mail to ensure you are the only one who has access to the account.

Please make sure you regularly check the voice mail, e-mail and mailbox address you provide us. We assume that you receive any communications sent to those addresses. If any of your contact information should change, it's important to inform us immediately.

Your written approval is required for all documents before they are filed with the court. You should review all documents thoroughly and ensure that all your questions are answered before supplying written approval. When written approval is provided, we presume that you have read, understand, and agree with information contained in the document.

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"Divorce, Child Custody, False Claims of Abuse and Domestic Violence are very serious matters where the truth must come to the surface in the sea of lies from the opposition.  Jennifer Abrams is smart as tacks, carries a bull whip and lands on her feet when thrown complicated matters on the fly. I recommend her to everyone. She's not cheap but you cannot afford to be without her as your counsel. She works day and night and does whatever it takes to be ready for court."
- Glen K.

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