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Orders for Protection

The safety and welfare of our clients is our primary concern in every divorce case. Domestic violence can appear as acts of physical violence as well as other types of harassment. Stalking, threats of bodily harm, appearing at your home or workplace expectedly, harassing you on social media and other similar activities are all forms of domestic violence. It is unacceptable for anyone, regardless of gender, to experience or endure any acts of domestic violence. If needed, a petition for immediate court ordered protection can be presented to the family court. Your Las Vegas family lawyer can have an order of protection issued by the court in one of two forms, either as a Temporary Protective Order or as an Extended Protective Order.

If you've been the recipient of acts of domestic violence or have had false accusations of domestic violence lodged against you, our Las Vegas divorce attorneys, Jennifer V. Abrams and Vincent Mayo will act immediately on your behalf. If we become aware of any acts of domestic violence we will immediately petition the court for a TPO for your safety.

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Temporary Protective Orders (TPO)

Most TPOs are filed using an approach known as "ex-parte." This approach does not require you to inform the adverse party about the protection request being filed with the family court. The TPO application is reviewed by the court and granted if appropriate. Most TPOs carry a time limit of 30 days or less.

The next step in the process is for the adverse party to be served with the order. Once served, the adverse party is legally bound to abide by the terms of the protective order throughout its duration, or until terminated by the court. A protective order can only be terminated by the court. A verbal agreement between both parties does not terminate a protective order.

A TPO will often define and set limits on the types of contact, if any, that's allowed between the adverse party and the applicant. TPOs can include geographical restrictions. For example, an order can require the adverse party to remain outside the immediate vicinity of your home or workplace. TPOs can also include other types of protection including a requirement for the adverse party to surrender their firearms or ban the adverse party from taking children outside the state of Nevada.

Protracted Protective Order

When necessary, TPOs can be extended for up to one year. When a TPO application is approved, a court hearing is usually scheduled to determine the need for extended protection. This hearing is presided over by a TPO Hearing Master. A TPO Hearing Master is similar to a judge and will hear arguments from both parties before making a decision on the need to extend the protective order.

Adhering to Orders for Protection

All Las Vegas family lawyers know that the family courts take protection orders very seriously. The terms and conditions of the protective order must be adhered to or risk immediate arrest. Violating the terms and conditions of a temporary or extended protective order can lead to heavy fines and jail time. Violating a temporary order can lead to a fine of up to $2,000 and up to one year in jail. Violating an extended order can lead to a fine of up to $10,000 and up to five years in prison.

Domestic Violence Claims Must Be Valid

We will not stand for any efforts to use false accusations of domestic violence as a way to gain leverage in a divorce case. If you are the victim of a false accusation of domestic violence, you should seek an immediate consultation with one of our Las Vegas family lawyers.

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