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Why a Board Certified Las Vegas Family Lawyer is Important to You

Las Vegas Family Lawyer
When you have much at risk in your divorce matter, you deserve to have a Board Certified Family Law Specialist as your Las Vegas family lawyer.

A Family Law Specialist with a Board Certification from the State Bar of Nevada is recognized by the entire legal community as being one of the best in their field. Their expertise has been honed by hundreds of divorce and family law cases and their experience benefits every family law client they represent. They are equally skilled at complex negotiation settlements as they are at handling aggressive litigation. Most importantly, they know which approach is the right one for you.

Becoming a Board Certified Family Law Specialist is different than a general legal practitioner. The Las Vegas family lawyer applying for certification must have significant experience in family law cases. A thorough vetting process and written exam must be completed before the Board Certified accreditation is bestowed. Less than 1% of all licensed attorneys statewide have achieved Board Certified status. Learn more about our Las Vegas divorce attorneys.

Process for Board Certification

The process to become Board Certified in the State of Nevada requires multiple steps. Before a Las Vegas family lawyer can even apply for Board Certification, they must meet the minimum requirements of practice experience and background. The minimum requirements include items such as years of dedicated family law practice, specifics related to case law experience, professional references from family court judges, and others in the legal community. View the Family Law Specialization Standards.

Exam for Board Certification

After meeting the minimum requirements, a Las Vegas family lawyer must apply to take the Family Law Specialization exam, which is offered just twice each year. View the Family Law Specialization Application.

Applicants to become a Board Certified Family Law Specialist find the process more demanding and rigorous than the process required to pass the general bar exam given by the state of Nevada. In order to pass the family law specialization exam, an attorney must be able to provide comprehensive solutions to complicated matters of family law.

The Nevada Board of Family Law Specialists tightly controls the distribution of all copies of the Board Certification exam. As a result, we are unable to share copies of, or examples from, exams of previous years.

Many Las Vegas family lawyers know each other. In order to assure that no preferential treatment is given, members of the Nevada Board of Family Law Specialists grade the exams using a technique known as "blind exam grading." Blind exam grading means the Nevada Board members assign a grade to the exam before the identity of the attorney who completed the exam is revealed.

"Jennifer Abrams is a knowledgeable and gifted lawyer. Her professional skillset is ideal for handling divorce cases. As the defendant in my proceeding, she guided my case through to a successful conclusion in spite of my ex-wife's constant attempts to forestall the eventual outcome. Simply put, Attorney Abrams is awesome!"
- Ray W.

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