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The Use of Other Professionals in Child Custody Cases

In cases where spouses are unable to come to an agreement on the terms and conditions of child custody, Las Vegas family law lawyers will often rely on the opinion of child custody professionals. Child custody professionals provide the court with written reports and possibly oral testimony regarding the children involved in your divorce case.

Some child custody professionals have advanced degrees and are experts in their field. Others, however, are most definitely not. The main reasons for this variation are:
  • An inconsistent definition of proper parenting. What's considered proper by one set of parents may be deemed improper by another set of parents in a similar situation.
  • Inconclusive reporting by the scientific community on the effect divorce has on children.
Essentially, there are no limits to the opinions and recommendations that family court judges will consider when making a ruling on child custody.

Our Las Vegas divorce attorneys have extensive experience working with child custody professionals. They understand how a child custody professional's testimony and report can be used to protect the best interests of you and your children.

Las Vegas Family Law Lawyers
Child Custody Experts Certified by
the Clark County Family Court

It's essential that the Las Vegas Family Court judge respects and trusts the information provided by the third-party experts testifying on your behalf. Our firm only retains child custody professionals that are certified by the Clark County Family Court.

These individuals have deep subject matter expertise and may have previously testified before the Family Court judge presiding over your case. Many of the professionals retained by our firm have doctorates (PhDs) and other advanced degrees. Learn more about other court certified experts from one of our certified Las Vegas divorce attorneys.

Processes of Child Custody Experts

The child custody professionals retained by our firm will typically begin with a detailed interview and psychological testing of both spouses. Family members, friends, and other collateral witnesses may be interviewed as well. The child custody expert will form an opinion based on the information gathered. They will document their analysis and make a recommendation that is based solely on what's in the best interest of any minor children involved.

Expert Testimony of a Child Custody Professional

Child custody experts are often called upon by Las Vegas family law lawyers to deliver testimony before the family court judge. It's critical for the child custody expert to be skilled at delivering oral testimony in addition to preparing and submitting written reports. During the testimony, the opposing counsel will have the opportunity to challenge the experts' findings during cross-examination.

Opposing counsel will question the expert in an attempt to find shortcomings in areas such as:
  • Assessment of interactions between the children and the parents.
  • The credentials and reputation of the child custody expert.
  • Previous recommendations made by the expert in other cases.
  • The depth of the interview process the expert used during the investigation.
  • Prior relationships that may have existed between the expert and any other parties involved.
  • Testing results and processes from formal interviews and / or psychological testing.
  • Correlations between the findings of the expert and test results obtained.
The Role of a Child Custody Professional

The role of the child custody expert in your case is to act as an unbiased third party. Their role is not to become an activist for any positions you hold. Instead, the opinions they provide the court are only based on what's best for the welfare of the minors involved. Learn more about child custody from Las Vegas Child Custody Lawyers.

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