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Divorce Attorneys Las Vegas

Las Vegas Family Law Attorneys

Legal Representation and Case Costs

The legal fees and costs associated with your case are directly related to the willingness of you and your spouse to compromise on contentious issues. In general, divorce cases that are uncontested will be less expensive than those that are contested. Cases that can be negotiated will be less expensive than those that go to trial. Cases that don't require the testimony of court certified experts will be less expensive than cases that do.

Our support staff consists of paralegals that have been certified by accredited institutions and are experienced in working for Las Vegas family law attorneys. Whenever possible, skill appropriate tasks will be assigned to our certified paralegal team members. This method of distributing the workload maximizes efficiency and lowers the legal fees associated with your case. Las Vegas divorce attorneys Jennifer V. Abrams and Vincent Mayo directly supervise the work of our certified paralegal team.

Las Vegas Family Law Attorneys
You can pay the legal fees for your divorce case a number of ways. We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks. Family, friends, or other third parties that would like to support you can also make payments or provide credit card authorizations on your behalf.

Retaining Our Law Firm

At the inception of your case, an initial retainer will be required and deposited into your Client Trust Account. The retainer is a deposit for the initial legal fees and costs required for your case. To keep your Client Trust Account balance positive, you may need to make additional deposits as your case advances. Any remaining balance in your Client Trust Account is immediately returned at the end of your divorce related matter.

The time and effort required for each divorce case varies widely based your unique circumstances. Our services are billed on an hourly basis for both contested and uncontested divorce matters. Learn more about different divorce types and processes from a Las Vegas divorce attorney.

Incidental Costs for Your Divorce Matter

Through the normal processing of your divorce case, certain reimbursable costs will be generated. Normal costs generated by your case can include process server fees, stenographer fees, filing fees, delivery fees, legal research and analysis, travel expenses, and other similar items.

Postage and photocopies are provided without charge. It's also important to note that any costs associated with your case are passed along without price increases. The cost charged to your account is the same as the amount paid by our law firm.

Here are some alternatives to consider if the legal services provided by our Las Vegas family law attorneys are not the right fit for your circumstances.

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada and the Pro Bono Project
This organization provides low-cost or no cost legal services for those who are not capable of paying for it. 702.386.1070

Lawyer Referral and Information Service of The State Bar of Nevada
This service is run by the governing agency of all lawyers in Nevada. Some lawyers work at discounted rates. 702.382.0504

"Mr. Mayo and his staff are nothing short of pure excellence. His courtesy and professionalism is something that I have never encountered before. He was concerned about me, and made sure that I was protected at every turn. No matter the time, day or night, he was available to answer all my questions, regardless of how many times I may have asked the same questions. In a divorce where a large amount of assets were involved, he made sure that I was awarded what I deserved. He didn't buckle to intimidation, and I knew my best interest were at heart. He is by far the best of the best, and I wouldn't go to anyone else. Mr. Mayo, Stephanie, and Michael were always there for me and my family. An absolute pleasure to work with. I never once felt like a case file, I felt like his friend, and his concern for my future was nothing short of genuine. In a world where so many are concerned with how they are going to get ahead, Mr. Mayo worried about me before anything else. If you are in need of a team that will provide you the best representation, go no further. Mr. Mayo is the best of the best!!!"
- Sia A.

Divorce Lawyers Las Vegas
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