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The following is not meant to be direct legal advice. In order to have your specific questions answered, you should consult with a divorce attorney in Las Vegas.

Do I have a right to alimony?

In Nevada, alimony is based on many factors including, the length of the marriage, the relative ages, health and earning capacities of the parties, and the relative financial condition each party will be left in after the divorce. Situations vary and there is no one mathematical formula that is used in all Nevada divorce cases. Learn more about alimony awards from Las Vegas alimony attorneys.

Only my spouse's name is on the title to our house. Do I have any rights to it?

This is one of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of divorce. In short, Nevada is a community property state. Just because your name is not on the title or mortgage, does not, by itself, mean that you have no rights to a portion of the equity of the house. Learn more about division of assets and debts.

My spouse owns a business. Do I have any rights to it?

A business started during the course of the marriage, funded with community dollars or enhanced with community efforts may be regarded in whole or in part as community property. In this case both spouses have a right to a portion of the business value. We often retain business valuators for Las Vegas divorce cases that require an independent expert's opinion. Learn more about business valuators from a family law attorney in Las Vegas.

How will a professional practice business be valued during divorce proceedings?

Many professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, real estate brokers, chiropractors, etc. own and operate their own professional practice. These professional practices require an experienced business valuator and are often valued differently than many other business types. Learn more about business valuations from a divorce lawyer in Las Vegas.

I received an inheritance. Is my spouse entitled to any portion of it?

Generally, inheritances are sole and separate property. However, sole and separate property can be converted into community property. For example, if you add your spouse's name to the title, or commingle any of the inherited assets, your spouse may argue that the assets then became community property. Commingling, in this scenario, is when you combine the inherited assets with other community assets.

My spouse controls all the money. How can I afford to hire a divorce attorney?

Las Vegas Family Law Attorneys
Each person going through a divorce in Nevada has the right to an attorney. You have as much right to the marital assets as your spouse does, regardless of who has historically controlled the money during the marriage.

You have numerous payment options for your divorce case. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. We will also accept payments or credit card authorizations from third parties, if you have friends or family that would like to assist you.

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