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Nevada Child Support Factors

Child support is a form of financial support to ensure the safety and well-being of any minor children during and after a divorce. Most people believe the calculation of child support payments is solely defined by mathematical formula. This is only partially correct. Nevada law does include statutes that provide mathematical formulas for calculating base levels of child support. However, the amounts calculated by these formulas can be altered for a variety of reasons and other factors may be considered by the family courts.

Las Vegas Child Custody Attorneys
Other Factors for Child Support

The formulas in Nevada law used to calculate the base child support payments do not consider other factors and experienced Las Vegas child custody attorneys know how these factors can be incorporated into child support payments.

These factors pertain to items such as day care expenses, health insurance, private school tuition, costs associated with extra-curricular activities, special medical costs, and other expenses. In general, child support continues until the child turns 18 years old, or 19 years old if the child is still attending high school.

Las Vegas divorce lawyers, Jennifer V. Abrams and Vincent Mayo understand the mathematical formulas used to calculate child support. They also have extensive experience evaluating all factors that may influence the calculation of child support in your case.

The arrangement of child custody is the factor first considered when calculating child support. In cases where one parent is the primary physical custodian, the formula for calculating child support will be based on the income of the parent paying support. If physical custody is shared equally between both parents, child support is calculated using the difference between the incomes of each parent. Learn more about child custody from our Las Vegas child custody lawyers. Base Child Support Percentages

Child support amounts are currently calculated using the following percentages:

One Child     18%
Two Children     25%
Three Children     29%
Four Children     31%
Each Additional Child     2%

Presumptive Maximum Child Support Amounts

Nevada law provides a "cap" on the total monthly child support that can be expected based on the income of the parent making the child support payments. This cap is known as a Presumptive Maximum. The table below calculates the current per child presumptive maximum based on monthly income.

Monthly Income Presumptive Maximum
$0     to     $4235     $696
$4235     to     $6351     $765
$6351     to     $8467     $837
$8467     to     $10585     $905
$10585     to     $12701     $975
$12701     to     $14816     $1043
$14816     to     Unlimited     $1115

"I was very impressed and satisfied with my experience with Abrams Law Firm and would refer them to anyone. Jennifer V. Abrams Esq. did a wonderful job representing me in my divorce case. She is very knowledgeable, professional and precise. The entire staff was very helpful and reassuring with any questions or issues that I may have had. Thank you so much for everything !!!"
- Barb F.

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