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Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer Vincent Mayo Receives Legal Excellence Award

Las Vegas divorce lawyer Vincent Mayo has received the 2016 Legal Excellence Award from Vegaslegal Magazine. Mr. Mayo is one of only nine attorneys in Clark County to receive this notable recognition.

Vegaslegal Magazine covers local legal issues, lawyers, business, and lifestyle topics. The magazine selects legal excellence award recipients based on numerous criteria including prominence in select practice areas. Attorney Mayo's primary focus is high net worth divorce matters.

In a post award interview Attorney Mayo stated, "I would say that my code is to provide leadership to clients... Read more...

Las Vegas Divorce Attorney Jennifer Abrams Admitted to the Exclusive AAML

Prominent Las Vegas divorce attorney Jennifer V. Abrams has been admitted to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML). Attorney Abrams is one of only seventeen attorneys in the State of Nevada that has been accepted into this prestigious organization. The group's members, known as "Fellows", are regarded as the leading practitioners of family law in the United States.

The AAML is a national organization founded in 1962 to "provide leadership that promotes the highest degree of professionalism and excellence in the practice of family law."

The Academy Fellows are highly skilled..

Best Las Vegas Divorce Attorneys Discuss Recent US Supreme Court Precedents

Have the Interests of Parents Been Placed at Odds With Those of Their Kidnapped Children?: Lozano v. Alvarez and Concerns Over How the U.S. Supreme Court's Newest Precedent Impacts the Return of Internationally Abducted Children

By Board Certified Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer Vincent Mayo, Esq.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently issued a decision in Lozano v. Alvarez which essentially rewards parents who abduct children and flee to another country. (FN1: Lozano v. Alvarez, 134 S. Ct. 1224; 188 L. Ed. 2d 200; 82 U.S.L.W. 4159 (2014).) Namely, the Supreme Court refused to toll the one year automatic return period set forth in Article 12... Read more...

Divorce Lawyers in Las Vegas Discuss Children and Thanksgiving

After divorce or separation, children typically spend Thanksgiving with one parent in even-numbered years and the other parent in odd-numbered years. Regardless of which parent the children will be enjoying the holidays with, children often feel anxiety and concern for the parent who will be spending the holiday without them. Sometimes, these negative feelings are exacerbated when the non-custodial parent exhibits sadness and when the custodial parent shows no consideration for the non-custodial parent.

Alleviating these negative feelings can be very simple. Custodial parents should not... Read more...

Las Vegas Divorce Attorneys - Business Owners and Divorce (Part 4)

This is the fourth installment of our multi-part series on business owners and divorce. In the previous parts of this series our Las Vegas Divorce Attorneys discussed Buying Your Spouse Out of a Jointly Owned Business. They also covered Determining the Value of a Business, and Business Ownership Percentages Between Spouses in other previous articles.

Many business owners facing divorce are concerned that the business may... Read more...

Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers - Business Owners and Divorce (Part 3)

This is the third installment of our multi-part series on business owners and divorce. In the previous parts of this series our Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers discussed the various aspects of business ownership and business valuations.

If you and your spouse jointly own a business and you're getting a divorce, you both have some important issues to consider. The first is whether to... Read more...

Las Vegas Divorce Attorney - Business Owners and Divorce (Part 2)

This is the second of our multi-part series on business owners and divorce. In the first part of the series we discussed various aspects of business ownership and divorce.

This section will focus on the complicated issues involved in determining the value of a business. The professionals that investigate the business and present their value findings are called business valuators. The report they prepare is... Read more...

Divorce Attorneys in Las Vegas - Business Owners and Divorce (Part 1)

The disposition of a business in divorce proceedings is second only to child custody as it pertains to the complexities and emotions involved. That's because most business owners have invested heavily in building their business and can consider it their "baby".

Dividing an active business poses a myriad of financial and logistical considerations. Ownership percentages, business value, to sell or not sell, terms and conditions of spousal buyouts, related agreements prior... Read more...

Child Custody Factors by Child Custody Attorneys Las Vegas

Regardless of which parent believes they are better at being a parent, the primary consideration in all child custody matters is based solely on the best interest of the child or children. Child Custody Factors - Child Custody Attorneys in Las VegasIf the two divorcing parents cannot agree on the forms of legal and physical child custody, then the court will hold hearings on the issue and make a determination on child custody according to the evidence and testimony provided by both parties' child custody attorneys.

The evidence and testimony...

Valentines Day Post Divorce Stress Relief by Divorce Lawyers in Las Vegas

This advice can include things like yoga, meditation, or professional counseling. But a local Las Vegas business has a new twist. According to a recent article in the Las Vegas Review Journal, a local gun range is offering a "Valentines Day Special". Those who wish to can use machine guns and other firearms to shoot up various marriage related articles. Fortunately the local business draws the line... Read more...

Comedian Chris Rock Files For Divorce by Divorce Attorneys in Las Vegas

Just after the past Christmas Holiday comedian Chris Rock quietly filed for divorce in New Jersey from his wife of almost 19 years, Malaak Compton-Rock. Of course quietly is a relative term when it's associated with a world-famous celebrity who's known for his raucous stand-up routines. Predictably the comedian asked for privacy during this difficult time. And thankfully most of the press so far seems to have honored his wishes. A quick Google search of "Chris Rock divorce" yields virtually no new coverage since a few days after the initial divorce filing... Read more...

Las Vegas Divorce Attorney Attains National Board Certification

The Abrams Law Firm LLC is pleased to announce that Las Vegas Divorce Attorney Vincent Mayo has successfully achieved National Board Certification as a Family Law Trial Advocate from the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA). Attorney Mayo is also Board Certified by the State Bar of Nevada.

Approximately three percent of American lawyers are board certified by any accredited organization. Less than one percent of Nevada attorneys are Board Certified though the State Bar... Read more...

Las Vegas Divorce Attorneys Managing a Contested Divorce

Many Las Vegas divorce attorneys are experienced litigators. They passionately advocate in the Clark County Family courts both verbally and in written pleadings on behalf of their clients. The best Las Vegas divorce attorneys understand that this advocacy is only part of their responsibilities. What is equally important is what they do for their clients outside the courtroom.

There are two primary forms of divorce: uncontested and contested. The issues in an uncontested divorce are typically agreed upon by both spouses - even before their Las Vegas divorce lawyers are consulted. Uncontested divorces are usually settled quickly with both spouses cooperating with each other to achieve a common goal. This tends to minimize the emotional impact on... Read more...

Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers Protect Your Privacy

There are many factors involved in each unique divorce matter. Even though each case is unique, there is one overriding concept that affects every divorce participant: Privacy.

Since going through divorce proceedings is not an every day event, most participants don't realize that the default privacy setting in Las Vegas divorce matters is public. This means that any member of the public can attend your divorce court hearings, view case related information via the Internet, and obtain copies of all court filed documents. This can include financial information that no one going through a divorce wants available to the general public.


"I absolutely am honored to have experienced what The Abrams Law Firm has done for me. They are very professional and understanding. They went to work on my case right away, and still check in on me and make sure things are handled appropriately. They did not hesitate to fight for the best way to get my case done, and by any means, they were ready to fight thru a trial. We ended up settling in mediation, and got pretty much what we were asking for. I am very grateful to have found this law firm, and would recommend them to anyone that wants professional assistance in getting their case solved and to be able to move on with their life as soon as possible. Thank you atty. Jennifer Abrams, and Stephanie Stolz. You are truly the BEST!!!!!"
- Donella Boyd

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