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Our Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers Are Different

There are many factors to consider when evaluating which, out of all the Las Vegas divorce lawyers, is the one best suited to represent you. The following highlights how and why we represent our divorce law clients the way we do.

Your representation begins with an enhanced initial consultation. While many divorce lawyers in Las Vegas provide initial consultations, they are often cursory in time frame and do not provide the scope and details of direct legal advice that you deserve. Our Las Vegas divorce attorneys begin by providing a two hour initial consultation to each potential client. Most importantly, you will get direct legal advice based on your unique case and circumstances.

Many other divorce attorneys in Las Vegas offer a "free" half hour consultation. However, the best divorce attorneys in Las Vegas know that a cursory half hour can never provide the appropriate amount of time to truly understand the unique circumstances of your specific divorce matter. Further it's simply not possible to create a strategy for success and an initial implementation plan in 30 minutes. This is particularly true in the complex divorce cases that we routinely handle.

Dedicated Divorce Law Practice

It is also important to understand that not all divorce lawyers in Las Vegas have the same expertise and skillset. There is a huge difference between a general practitioner and a divorce law specialist. Our legal specialty has been exclusively dedicated to divorce and divorce related matters for over 16 years. This focus benefits every client because it mandates the concentration on our specialized divorce law practice area.

Divorce law, like all law practice areas, changes on a regular basis. This is caused by new legislation, new case law precedents, and societal social changes. For example, our Las Vegas divorce lawyers often handle cases where there are substantial assets before and during the marriage and/or a business that is owned by one or both spouses. These financially sophisticated matters require a Las Vegas divorce lawyer that specializes in such cases.

Familiarity with the Clark County Family Court Judges is also a significant factor in deciding the best Las Vegas divorce attorney for you. Just as your divorce matter has unique circumstances, each family court judge has their own unique tendencies in how they rule in divorce matters. It is definitely not a "one size fits all" family court. Our Las Vegas divorce attorneys know the tendencies of each family court judge because they have appeared before them in hundreds of court hearings and trials.

Unique Legal Business Model

There's a little known aspect of divorce law practice that many other Las Vegas divorce lawyers employ: The divorce attorney is a figure head for initial consultations and court hearings but doesn't actually do the majority of the work on the client's case. This is particularly true in divorce law firms that use a "volume based" business model.

At our law firm, either attorney Jennifer V. Abrams or attorney Vincent Mayo actively works each client's divorce case. Your Las Vegas divorce attorney will directly communicate with you on all important case issues.

Our communications philosophy is a two way street. We recognize that you may have an emergency or urgent need to communicate with your divorce attorney in Las Vegas. Every client at our firm receives their divorce attorney's private cell phone number for use in these instances. This form of communication is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

We are able to accomplish this level of communication and legal representation because we are a boutique divorce law firm. That means we do not operate on a volume of clients so you're never "just a number" to us. You deserve personalized attention from your divorce lawyer in Las Vegas and we provide it to each and every client.

State Bar of Nevada Certified Family Law Specialists

Our founder, attorney Jennifer V. Abrams, and our firm's named partner, attorney Vincent Mayo have achieved the highest accreditation for divorce law from the State Bar of Nevada: They are Certified Family Law Specialists with a combined 25+ years of legal experience dedicated exclusively to divorce and divorce related matters. This distinction has been achieved by less than 1% of the licensed attorneys in Nevada.

Every Support Staff Member is a Certified Paralegal

Another often overlooked issue when deciding the best Las Vegas divorce lawyer for you concerns the term "paralegal". In Nevada anyone can call themselves a paralegal. No training whatsoever is necessary. However, a "certified paralegal" is quite different. Certified paralegals are required to complete rigorous training by an accredited college or university.

Every paralegal at our divorce law firm is certified and has years of experience working on divorce and divorce related cases. They each work under the direct supervision of your Las Vegas divorce attorney. This distinction is important. The supervision goes well beyond a commodity like assignment from one of our Las Vegas divorce lawyers. Each certified paralegal is directly involved in all aspects of your case and may also contact you directly according to the instructions provided by our Las Vegas divorce attorneys.

Negotiated Settlements and Complex Litigation

Our divorce lawyers in Las Vegas are highly skilled at both negotiated settlements and complex litigation. It's important to understand the difference between the two because they often overlap.

The best Las Vegas divorce lawyers know that the majority of divorce cases begin as contested matters but are resolved through negotiated settlement and do not go to a trial before a family court judge. However, in order to achieve a successful negotiated settlement there is considerable legal acumen and work required. This is because settlement is never guaranteed and your divorce lawyer must always be prepared to go to trial if need be.

Almost all contested divorce matters require at least one court hearing. Typically the divorce attorneys in Las Vegas file a motion for the court to establish Temporary Orders. These orders are the rules which each party must abide by until the divorce matter is concluded. The temporary orders vary from case to case but in general include financial, living arrangements, and child related issues.

In order to achieve a successful negotiated settlement or to prevail at trial, your Las Vegas divorce lawyer must gather and analyze numerous financial documents. If your spouse will not provide the documents voluntarily a subpoena will be served on one or more financial institutions. These institutions are required by law to provide the requested documents.

Child custody and support must also be addressed in any divorce case that involves children. In instances where primary child custody and/or child support amounts are contested, your Las Vegas divorce lawyer must investigate all aspects of the relationship between the child (or children) and both parents. This can entail interviewing other family members and, in certain cases, reports or testimony from child custody experts.

Regardless of whether your case is resolved by a negotiated settlement or through trial, your Las Vegas divorce lawyer must be well versed in all aspects of your case. The best divorce lawyers in Las Vegas know the information they need to produce the best results. It is important for you to feel comfortable discussing and any all divorce related issues with your divorce lawyer. The best outcomes can only be attained by complete transparency between you and your divorce attorney. The best divorce lawyer in Las Vegas for you is the one that you have complete confidence in.

"I absolutely am honored to have experienced what The Abrams Law Firm has done for me. They are very professional and understanding. They went to work on my case right away, and still check in on me and make sure things are handled appropriately. They did not hesitate to fight for the best way to get my case done, and by any means, they were ready to fight thru a trial. We ended up settling in mediation, and got pretty much what we were asking for. I am very grateful to have found this law firm, and would recommend them to anyone that wants professional assistance in getting their case solved and to be able to move on with their life as soon as possible. Thank you atty. Jennifer Abrams, and Stephanie Stolz. You are truly the BEST!!!!!"
- Donella Boyd

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