Las Vegas Divorce Consultation

Our Las Vegas divorce consultation process takes two forms. The first is a courtesy phone consultation at no charge. The second is an in-office two hour consultation meeting, which is a paid legal service. In both events you will speak/meet directly with Las Vegas divorce attorney Jennifer V. Abrams or Vincent Mayo.

Courtesy Phone Consultations

Call 702-222-4021 to speak with one of our expert Las Vegas divorce attorneys. Our courtesy phone consultations provide you the opportunity to ask important questions and see if our law firm is right for your case facts. If you believe it is, then the next step is an in-office consultation meeting.

Two Hour In-Office Meeting Dedicated to You

Our Las Vegas divorce consultation process leads the legal industry. We know it’s important to address every issue of importance to you. Therefore our in-office consultation meetings encompass two hours. During your meeting you will have full opportunity to explain the details of your case. At this time, your attorney will be able to identify any potential legal issues, analyze the case details, deliver specific legal advice, and develop a preliminary case strategy. This is a paid legal service.

“I have had the opportunity to use The Abrams and Mayo Law Firm, and can say that I am so glad to have chosen them. They are truly the BEST. I could not have made it through my divorce without them by my side 100 percent of the way. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work on my case. The best divorce attorneys in Las Vegas.” – Donella Boyd
“Attorneys Jennifer Abrams and Vincent Mayo and their entire staff did an outstanding job on my divorce case. It was a very complex case and involved multiple jurisdictions with considerable assets at stake. I am very pleased with the results they achieved for me and highly recommend these Las Vegas divorce attorneys.” – Matthias Horch