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Family Lawyer in Las Vegas

Family Lawyer in Las Vegas
The following was created at the founding of The Abrams Law Firm. We have used it as our guiding principles for each client for over fifteen years. Each client is guaranteed these rights regardless of any other factors. This philosophy is shared by the attorneys, certified paralegals, and administrative personnel in our law firm.

Family Lawyer in Las Vegas - Client's Bill of Rights

I.    Your Right to be Understood. This begins with an enhanced consultation with a family lawyer in Las Vegas. You will be provided every opportunity to fully explain your individual circumstances and case goals in resolving your family law matter.
II.    Your Right To Be Heard. Nothing is more important in our client relationships than communication. We provide unparalleled access for you to consult with your divorce attorney in Las Vegas. All client phone calls are answered immediately or guaranteed to be returned within 24 hours. We also provide each client with their attorneys' cell phone number which is available 24/7, including holidays, for urgent communications.
III.    Your Right to Privacy. We can immediately petition the family court judge to seal your divorce records if you wish. If granted, this will shield your private information from public access.
IV.    Your Right to a Written Retainer Agreement. You have the right to understand the basis of our legal fees and case costs before you enter into an agreement with your family lawyer in Las Vegas for legal representation. Each client approves a written retainer agreement before their case begins.
V.    Your Right to Itemized Billings. You have the right to timely billing statements itemized by date, description of event, specific amount of time, and the charges for our legal services.
VI.    Your Right to Know the Status of Your Case. You will be apprised of all pertinent case events and dates, and given copies of letters, memoranda, and materials, as you deem appropriate.
VII.    Your Right to Convenient Meetings. As a matter of procedure, we strive to arrange meetings and conferences at the most convenient time possible for you. Due to the schedules of the other parties involved, this is not always possible, but it is always our primary goal.
VIII.    Your Right to be Treated Courteously. We appreciate the faith and confidence you have place in our law firm. All of our family lawyers in Las Vegas and support staff will always treat you with the respect you deserve.
IX.    Your Right to Efficient Professional Service. You are entitled to the most efficient level of exceptional legal representation possible. We cannot control how fast courts, government offices, outside entities, or our opponents process matters. But for our part, delay is unacceptable.
X.    Your Right of Confidentiality. Anything that you speak to us about will be held in the strictest confidence, unless you direct us to make a disclosure. This right continues after your matter is concluded in perpetuity.

"Attorney Vincent Mayo of Abrams Law handled my divorce in 2011. He made everything so easy for me. He communicated with me on a regular basis, provided me copies of all documentation, was compassionate, understanding and processed all documentation quickly and accurately. I could not have asked for a better experience."
- Gary J.

Divorce Lawyers Las Vegas
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