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7. Mail Forwarding and Personal Bill Paying

You should file a Change of Address form with the U.S. Postal Service if you no longer live in the residence you formerly shared with your spouse. Be sure to provide your new address to all individuals and organizations that may send you mail. You should not rely on your spouse to deliver your mail to you in a timely fashion. Alert one of our divorce lawyers in Las Vegas immediately if any such issues arise.

Bills in your name that are being paid by your spouse should be monitored. This is the case whether your spouse is paying the bills voluntarily or under the instructions of a court ordered Temporary Order. Your credit score can be harmed if your spouse fails to pay bills in your name in a timely manner. Court Orders govern the actions between you and your spouse, but they do not require creditors to remove your name from a liability. Learn more about Temporary Orders from our divorce attorneys in Las Vegas.

8. Offensive Spousal Conduct

Divorce Lawyers in Las Vegas
Throughout your contested divorce proceedings, your spouse may behave in ways you find offensive. When this occurs you should report the offending behavior to one of our divorce lawyer in Las Vegas immediately. Your divorce lawyer can file a Protective Order on your behalf if your spouse's statements or actions become threatening. Learn more about Protective Orders from one of our Las Vegas family lawyers.

Your spouse is obligated to follow any orders issued by the court, regardless of their desire to do so. If your spouse violates any court orders, we will review the activities that can be taken to ensure your spouse is forced to take responsibility for their actions. We will not hesitate to require the Clark County Family Courts to hold your spouse accountable.

9. Contested Divorces Take Time to Resolve

Getting to a resolution in your contested divorce case can be a lengthy and potentially aggravating process. Your spouse may introduce excessive and unnecessary legal maneuvers in an effort to "wear you down". Any sense of urgency you have in concluding your case should be minimized. The opposition may employ a variety of tactics to delay your case. As such, it's not possible to determine how long your case will take or how much it will cost.

While the length or expense of your case is unknown, what is known is that, at any time, you have the unconditional right to direct your Las Vegas divorce lawyer to settle your contested divorce matter. Learn more about the divorce process from a Las Vegas divorce attorney.

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