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Information Technology Experts

In today's digital age, almost all financial information is stored electronically. This information can be stored on a local hard drive, like those found in desktop computers and laptops, or even on remote computers "in the cloud".

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In some cases, a technology expert may be asked to present their findings in front of the court. It is essential that the family court judge respects and values the findings of the expert in your case. Our firm retains only experts that have been certified by the Clark County Family Courts. Las Vegas divorce lawyers, Jennifer V. Abrams and Vincent Mayo will promptly notify the court of any information discovered by the technology expert during their investigation.

Information stored on a desktop or laptop computer is more easily accessed because the physical device can be obtained, isolated, and investigated. Information stored "in the cloud" can more difficult to investigate because the devices holding the information may not be easily obtained and in many cases, may include information from parties unrelated to your divorce case.

In some divorce cases, one spouse may attempt to hide or remove sensitive financial information, be it personal or related to a business. In these scenarios, technology experts may be called upon to investigate and discover financial information across a variety of digital sources. Technology experts use state of the art techniques to uncover financial information that can help forensic accountants compile a complete picture of the finances related to your case. Learn more about Forensic Accountants.

Finding Relevant Data

Technology experts start by attempting to locate files that may have been hidden, removed, or changed in some way. These activities often leave behind a set of digital footprints that can be traced by an expert. In some cases, the manipulated information can be restored, either partially or in full. Once the information is discovered, the next step for the technology expert is to attempt to restore and preserve the original information.

Preserving Digital Data

Once discovered, a technology expert will attempt to capture and store the data in its original format. This recovery process typically involves multiple steps and the data recovered will be stored in its original format after each step. Each step of the process is meticulously documented and a report is assembled that can be used as evidence in your divorce proceedings.

Expert Technologist Testimony and Reports

The role of the technology expert is to perform a rigorous and well documented investigation of the electronic financial data pertaining to your divorce case. They are not legal experts and do not offer a legal opinion on the information discovered throughout their investigation. Instead, they generate a report that details the procedures they followed and the information obtained during those procedures. It is the responsibility of your Las Vegas divorce lawyer to determine how to use the information provided by the technology expert in your case.

"Jennifer V. Abrams Esq. did an outstanding job understanding the details of my case and evaluates the situation and conditions associated with it from many perspectives. She is precise, calculating and strategic."
- Matthew M.

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