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Experts That Testify in Court

In many divorce cases, the Las Vegas Family Court judge will seek the opinion of independent experts before rendering any decisions. These individuals will provide written reports to the judge and may be called on to testify before the court.

Working on your behalf, our law firm retains independent experts that often have decades of experience with their specific subject matter. Court certified experts for your case are personally chosen by Las Vegas divorce attorneys, Jennifer V. Abrams and Vincent Mayo. Each expert is carefully chosen after reviewing the unique circumstances of your divorce case, including factors such as experience contradicting experts retained by your spouse's counsel.

Information from independent experts is sought by the court when the claims made by both parties do not agree. The judge relies on the written reports and testimony provided by these experts when making a judgement on specific claims.

When you and your spouse have differing opinions, an independent expert may be called upon to testify before the court. It's essential that the Las Vegas Family Court judge respects and trusts the information provided by the third-party experts testifying on your behalf. Our firm only retains professionals that are certified by the Clark County Family Court. These individuals have deep subject matter expertise and have probably testified before the Family Court judge presiding over your case.

In divorce and family law matters, expert opinions are sought on a variety of topics including:

Certified Las Vegas Divorce Attorneys
Expert Testimony for Child Custody

Las Vegas Family Court judges will often ask a Child Custody Expert to investigate and report on the family life and living conditions for any children involved. When this happens, the expert works under the auspices of one specific directive: to provide a recommendation that is based only on the welfare of the children involved. Learn more about child custody from Las Vegas Child Custody Attorneys.

Technology Experts

Technology Experts are often called upon to gather and analyze electronically stored information such as e-mails, social media postings, text messages, financial statements and bank transactions. In certain cases, technology experts are able to recover electronic data that may have been deleted. Learn more about Technology Experts from Certified Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers.

Business Valuators

Professionals who specialize in determining the value of a business according to generally accepted methodologies are known as Business Valuators. These professionals will often use multiple techniques to conduct a detailed inspection of the business and provide a written report of their findings. Business valuators may value a business using different valuation metrics including investment value, buyout value, book value, and cash value. Learn more about Business Valuators from a Family Law attorney in Las Vegas.

Forensic Accountants

Forensic Accountants go beyond simply interpreting financial statements submitted to the court. Instead, a forensic accountant will investigate all financial documents related to business and personal finances and report any anomalies discovered during the course of their investigation. Learn more about Forensic Accountants.

"I had a very positive experience working with attorney Jennifer Abrams. She is everything I wanted in an attorney....savvy, thorough, smart, and nuanced. Ms. Abrams' experience showed with each meeting we had, and she was attentive not only to the mathematics of divorce, but also to the game played behind the scenes. I was impressed, and I recommend her very highly. In addition, her paralegal, Ms. Stoltz, was likewise very attentive, available, and thorough. My experience was overall positive."
- Matt H.

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