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Managing the Contested Divorce Process

10. Non-Legal Professionals Can Help

Best Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers
Our main responsibility is to act as your legal champion, always ensuring your best interests are represented. We approach this responsibility with great interest and care for each client. It is normal for our clients to experience elevated levels of stress while going through a contested divorce. If your stress levels become difficult to manage, you should seek counsel from an experienced mental health professional. If your stress levels are overwhelming, you may feel like you're making decisions haphazardly, or feel disappointed -- even with the best possible resolution to your case. The best Las Vegas divorce lawyers keep a list of active professionals who can assist you. If you feel it will be beneficial, please inquire for a recommendation from one of our Las Vegas divorce attorneys. They'll be happy to assist you.

11. Be Cautious of "Friendly" Advice

Your family and friends generally want the best for you, but please understand that they do not have the expertise of the best Las Vegas divorce lawyers. Someone who's been through a divorce may want to tell you all about their case. It's important to understand that all contested divorce cases are unique. The facts of their case are often significantly different from the facts of your case.

If you ever have a concern or question, speak to your Las Vegas divorce attorney immediately. Open communication between you and your divorce lawyer is critical to the outcome of your case. Obviously we cannot assist you if we are not aware of your concerns. It's important that you keep other advice, well-meaning as it may be, in the proper perspective.

12. The Value of Expert Legal Representation

The best Las Vegas divorce lawyers are highly trained specialists and, regardless of law firm, generally bill for their legal services at similar hourly rates. This is not to be compared with every attorney who has a license to practice law. We deliver outstanding legal representation to a limited set of clients at one given time. Our fees are commensurate with other comparably qualified divorce attorneys in Las Vegas. Every client is provided a written Retainer Agreement which outlines the hourly rates, payment terms and conditions required for our legal services. Learn more about Legal Fees and Costs for our expert Las Vegas family law attorneys.

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"The Abrams Law Firm was amazing! I was very nervous about my case and Jennifer was very reassuring and comforting and Stephanie was always on top of everything. Not to mention they helped me get everything worked out quickly and with great results. I would recommend them to anyone!"
- Elizabeth N.

Divorce Lawyers Las Vegas
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