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Can I change lawyers after my divorce case is filed?

Yes. If you have an active case, you always have the right to change the divorce attorney representing you. The manner in which your case is handled can impact the rest of your life. When you hire a Las Vegas divorce attorney, you are giving that attorney your trust and confidence to resolve an extremely important issue.

If your initial trust and confidence has wavered because your attorney has exhibited a pattern of behavior that is not in your best interest, you can, and should, find legal counsel properly dedicated to your cause.

Can I change the family court judge assigned to my case?

When a Complaint for divorce is filed, the case is randomly assigned to one of the Family Court judges, in a blind lottery pool. Once filed, you and your spouse each have one limited opportunity to move the case to a different judge.

This is known as a Peremptory Challenge. A Peremptory Challenge must be properly and timely filed. You cannot wait for the judge to make decisions in your case and then decide you want a different judge. It also does not allow you to select the new judge, only to exclude the one that was first assigned.

Since you are not allowed to select the new judge, excluding the one first assigned can be a risky proposition. There are no assurances that the new judge will be more appropriate for your case. You could possibly be assigned to a judge even less desirable than the first.

Our Las Vegas divorce attorneys have years of experience with all the Family Court judges. Knowing all the possible judicial options is critical in deciding whether or not to file a Peremptory Challenge.

My Prenuptial Agreement was signed many years ago in another state. Is it still enforceable?

A Prenuptial Agreement (also referred to as a Premarital Agreement or Ante Nuptial Agreement) is enforceable despite its age or the state in which it was entered, so long as it was properly drafted and implemented. The same is true for Postnuptial Agreements which are agreements signed after the date of marriage. Learn more about prenuptial agreements from Las Vegas prenuptial agreement attorneys.

My spouse has hidden money (or other assets) throughout our marriage. How can I get my fair share of the community property?

This situation tends to be more prevalent if your spouse is repeatedly dishonest, the marriage is lengthy, and there have been years to formulate a plan to hide the assets. There are various methods we employ to identify and locate hidden assets. Some efforts reveal the assets immediately, some require more effort, and some do not really exist or cannot be located. Learn more about hidden assets.

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"I absolutely am honored to have experienced what The Abrams Law Firm has done for me. They are very professional and understanding. They went to work on my case right away, and still check in on me and make sure things are handled appropriately. They did not hesitate to fight for the best way to get my case done, and by any means, they were ready to fight thru a trial. We ended up settling in mediation, and got pretty much what we were asking for. I am very grateful to have found this law firm, and would recommend them to anyone that wants professional assistance in getting their case solved and to be able to move on with their life as soon as possible. Thank you atty. Jennifer Abrams, and Stephanie Stolz. You are truly the BEST!!!!!"
- Donella Boyd

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