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Assets in a Las Vegas Divorce

The Science of Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accountants are financial professionals who specialize in the investigation and discovery of complex personal and business financial activities. These specialists possess the skills required to examine many different types of financial systems and documents. A forensic accountant will conduct an investigation and submit their findings in a written report. In some divorce cases, a forensic accountant may be called upon to provide testimony regarding their investigation.

A forensic accounting investigation can, but does not always, lead to the discovery of previously undisclosed assets or attempts to defraud. If irregularities are discovered, Las Vegas divorce lawyers, Jennifer V. Abrams and Vincent Mayo will take immediate action to ensure the financial assets are protected and any attempts by your spouse to deceive the court are dealt with appropriately.

Forensic accountants analyze a variety of financial documents including credit card statements, financial institution statements, business records and bank statements. This information is obtained from you, your spouse, financial institutions, and occasionally from the efforts of a technology expert.

Subpoena Power

Subpoenas can be directly served to third party financial institutions in order to gather information or take control of assets. In complex situations, or where additional assets are suspected, multiple subpoenas may be ordered to ensure all assets are included in your divorce proceedings.

Assets in a Las Vegas Divorce
Financial institutions based in the United States are highly regulated. They must adhere to the stipulations of a subpoena issued through the Clark County Family Court. Financial institutions based outside of the United States are not as consistent in their compliance to court issued subpoenas. The policies regarding interaction with these institutions differ greatly from country to country.

Caution Should Be Used in Hiring a Forensic Accountant

When there is a strong suspicion that your spouse is not disclosing all the marital assets, we will retain a forensic accountant to investigate the matter. It's important to note, however, that financial malfeasance is not discovered during every investigation. Forensic accounting investigations are time intensive and involve the coordination of many specialized resources including the CPA firm and your Las Vegas divorce lawyer. A forensic accountant should be engaged only after thoughtful analysis and careful planning.

Investigative Reports

Forensic accountants analyze and investigate personal and professional financial activities. They then prepare and submit a fact-based report of their findings to your divorce attorney. Forensic accountants do not offer any legal opinion on the financial information they examine. It is the responsibility of your Las Vegas divorce attorney to use the information for legal proceedings regarding previously undisclosed assets or attempts to defraud.

Expert Witness Testimony

Each of the forensic accountants retained by our firm is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) that specializes in identifying business accounting anomalies and the discovery of undisclosed assets. These professionals are certified by the Clark County Family Courts and are respected for both their fact-based analysis and testimony before the court.

"I thought that Attorney Jennifer Abrams was very knowledgeable of the law and was able to fight for what was right.  I am very pleased with her during this long and troubling case."
- Jason R.

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