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Child Custody Professionals

If you and your spouse cannot agree to all terms regarding child custody, a child custody professional is often required to form an opinion and write a report for the Las Vegas Family Court judge assigned to your case. The judge uses the report, and possibly the professional's testimony, to form an opinion in child custody disputes.

Unfortunately for the child or children involved, not every professional called upon to render an opinion on child custody is an "expert", or even competent. There are two primary reasons for this:
  • There is no definition of proper parenting behavior. What's proper for one child and parent in one circumstance does not translate globally to every child and parent with similar circumstances.
  • Scientific data on the subject of children raised by divorced parents is wildly inconsistent.
In short, there are few strict rules when it comes to forming opinions and recommendations that the family court will use in determining child custody.

Court Certified Child Custody Experts

A child custody professional's reputation in the eyes of a Family Court Judge is critical in custody disputes. Each child custody professional retained by our law firm on your behalf is certified by the Clark County Family Court as an expert. They possess decades of combined experience and likely have previously appeared before the judge assigned to your case. Many of our child custody experts have obtained doctorate degrees (PhDs). Learn more about other court certified experts.

The Interviews and Report Processes

Our child custody experts will usually interview and perform psychological testing on both you and your spouse. They also interview collateral witnesses such as other family members and friends. The report they prepare will detail their findings and provide recommendations as to what is in the best interest of your child (or children).

Child Custody Expert Testimony

In addition to the report, the child custody expert may be called to testify in family court. It is important that the expert be equally adept at preparing written reports as well as providing oral testimony. The attorneys for both parties will have the opportunity to question the child custody expert's findings. This includes cross-examination where the child custody expert's findings will be challenged. Questioning during cross-examination often includes, but is not limited to, searching for deficiencies in:
  • The child custody expert's education and credentials.
  • The child custody expert's previous recommendations in other cases.
  • The amount of time spent with each individual during the interview process.
  • The existing prior relationship, if any, between the child custody expert and any of the parties.
  • The interactions between each parent and the child (children).
  • The psychological tests, testing process, and test results.
  • The connection between the test results and the child custody expert's conclusions.
The Responsibilities of a Child Custody Expert

It is important to understand that a child custody expert acts as an unbiased third party. They are not advocates for your position. Rather, they provide their professional opinion solely based on their findings. Learn more about Child Custody.

Once the child custody expert's report is submitted to the judge, Las Vegas Family Law attorneys Jennifer V. Abrams, Vincent Mayo and Brandon Leavitt, know how to use the report in a manner that's in the best interest of you and your children.

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