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Each of our divorce clients has a unique set of circumstances and goals in their case. There is no such thing as a "typical" divorce. However, the one common denominator is that they want their divorce, or post-divorce matter, handled properly because they have a lot at stake in the outcome. They understand the value of being represented by a Board Certified family law attorney. Learn more about Board Certification.

Our law firm is not volume based but rather we work with only a finite set of clients at one given time. This model allows us to provide the personal attention that each client requires. We understand that divorce matters are not a "9 to 5 job". There are instances where you may need to speak with your Las Vegas divorce attorney after regular business hours, on weekends, or on holidays. We provide each client with their attorney's private cell phone number for urgent communications.

Our clients usually have complex divorce cases which require experienced, and when necessary, aggressive legal representation. Many require in-depth knowledge of complicated prenuptial agreements, business finances, and/or property division. These items can include home(s), businesses, investments, real estate rental and investment properties, stock options, stocks, trusts, bonds, pensions, 401Ks, IRAs, etc. Learn more about property division.

Privacy in Your Divorce Proceedings

The default privacy setting in Las Vegas divorce matters is public. Any member of the public can attend your divorce court hearings, view case related information via the Internet, and obtain copies of all court filed documents.

Many of our divorce clients, including those who are well known locally or nationally, want the discretional privacy we offer in the form of sealing their divorce cases from public view.

When we have successfully sealed your case all court hearings will be closed to the general public. If there are individuals not directly related to your case in the courtroom, the judge will clear the courtroom before your court hearing commences. Additionally, no case information will be available electronically, and all documents including legal pleadings and financial information will be unavailable to the public.

Which Divorce Attorney is the Right One for You?

The outcome of your case can depend heavily on which divorce attorney you choose to represent you. But how do you go about deciding which attorney is the best one for your circumstances? Obviously you want an attorney who is qualified and that you trust. But because each divorce case and client is unique, the answer can also be unique.

We believe that it is important to spend the appropriate amount of time with you, so you can decide if you feel comfortable with us. Since we deal with only a select number of clients at one time, we want to get to know you as well. It's important to have a common understanding of the case facts, legal issues, and goals. That's why we spend at least two hours in an enhanced initial consultation with each client. Learn more about enhanced consultations.

We have developed a Client's Bill of Rights that summarizes our dedication to each client we represent. At The Abrams Law Firm, you can expect that these rights are guaranteed. Learn more about our Client's Bill of Rights.

"While nobody wants to go through the divorce process, it was reassuring for me to know that Mr. Leavitt and his team were leading my case. From the start, Mr. Leavitt asked what my objectives were and was extremely aggressive in meeting my objectives. Every question was answered immediately and I always knew what the next steps were. I was amazed how quickly the divorce was resolved and the results, by far, exceeded my expectations."
- Laura P.

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