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Child Support

A commonly held misconception is that child support in Nevada is based on a set of strict mathematical formulas. This is only partially true. While Nevada statutes do provide for mathematical calculations as a base for child support, the calculated amounts can be deviated from for numerous reasons.

Base calculations for child support payments in Nevada take into account the child custody arrangement, the income levels of one or both parents, and "presumptive maximums".

The first factor in the base calculation for child support is the child custody arrangement. If one parent has primary physical custody, the mathematical formula is based on the paying parent's gross income. If both parents share joint physical custody, the formula is based on the difference between the incomes of the parents. Learn more about child custody.

Base Child Support Percentages

Currently the following percentages apply to the base child support calculation:

One Child     18%
Two Children     25%
Three Children     29%
Four Children     31%
Each Additional Child     2%

Presumptive Maximum Child Support Amounts

Presumptive maximums are used to "cap" the maximum amount of monthly child support according to the paying parent's income. The current presumptive maximums, per child, are based on the paying parent's monthly income as follows:

Monthly Income Presumptive Maximum
$0     to     $4235     $681
$4235     to     $6351     $749
$6351     to     $8467     $820
$8467     to     $10585     $886
$10585     to     $12701     $955
$12701     to     $14816     $1022
$14816     to     Unlimited     $1092

Other Child Support Factors

Regardless of the base calculations and presumptive maximums, there are certain factors that can also affect child support amounts including, but not limited to: Private school tuition, health insurance, day care expenses, academic tutoring, child support payments for other children, sport and other extra-curricular activity costs, and special medical needs. Child Support is typically paid until the child reaches the age of 18, or 19 if the child is still attending high school.

Las Vegas divorce attorneys, Jennifer V. Abrams, Vincent Mayo and Brandon Leavitt are well experienced in looking beyond the strict mathematical formulas and evaluating the full scope of child support issues.

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