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Board Certified Divorce Matter Consultations
Enhanced Consultations

We are pleased to provide enhanced consultations to individuals who are seeking to file for divorce, have been served with divorce documents, or have a legal problem after their divorce has been finalized (Post-Divorce). The enhanced consultation process we provide involves numerous factors, but most importantly, it gives both the client and the divorce attorney an opportunity to establish a confidential working relationship.

Why Our Enhanced Consultations are Different

Our law firm was established under the guiding principles of low client volume and personalized legal representation. The benefit is that you are never treated as just another case in a "divorce mill" environment. Las Vegas divorce attorneys Jennifer V. Abrams, Vincent Mayo and Brandon Leavitt provide each enhanced consultation. They will also personally speak to you on the phone, as a courtesy, before a consultation appointment is set. In many instances, the attorney's courtesy phone consultation with you, will allow you to decide if we could be the right law firm for you or not.

Plan on Spending Two Hours

All enhanced consultations last approximately two hours. We believe that you deserve more than a perfunctory interview process and prefer to fully understand your individual requirements with an in-depth meeting. This gives you the opportunity to become comfortable with the legal representation we provide, and for us to gain insight as to your unique case facts and goals.

What You Should Expect

During the enhanced consultation your attorney will provide you with direct legal advice based specifically on your individual circumstances. They will start by listening to you describe a full history of your situation. During this phase, your attorney will interpret your case, analyze the legal issues, and provide you with comprehensive legal advice. Your goals and expectations are then used to develop an initial case strategy. Specific case related plans and legal tactics, which vary widely from case to case, will also be fully discussed.

What You Should Bring with You

Enhanced consultations are set during a courtesy phone discussion between you and one of our Certified Family Law Attorneys. During this phone call your attorney will gather basic information and provide you with details on the information they would like you to bring to the initial meeting.

This can include financial related documents such as tax returns, business records, banking records, credit card statements, etc. We also understand that certain information may not be immediately available to you, so do not be concerned if it's not.

We are sincerely interested in understanding all case aspects which relate to your minor children, if any. However, excluding infants and toddlers under the age of two years for which you cannot arrange child care, you should not bring minor children with you to our office.

Enhanced consultations are by appointment only and may be arranged by calling our offices at 702-222-4021 or sending us an email.

"I met with Vincent Mayo to get help with my divorce that had been dragged out for close to a year. Mr. Mayo took my case and was up to speed and in court with only 48 hrs notice. Everyone I had contact with in their office was polite, professional, and precise. Any questions I had were always answered in a timely manner and answered in terms that I could understand. Mr. Mayo took time to work with me to create a plan to ultimately gain an outcome that was in my best interest. Through his knowledge of the law and professional manner, the divorce maintained respectful interaction even though it was contested. The quality of representation I received from the Abrams & Mayo Law firm was second to none. I would highly recommend them to anyone getting a divorce."
- Tom S.

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