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Divorce Modifications

Modifications in Las Vegas divorce cases can take two forms. There are instances where one party in a divorce proceeding matter wishes to change a court order in an active divorce matter. There are other instances where a change is requested in a divorce matter that has been concluded.

The issues in a divorce matter that may be subject to change can include division of assets and debts, alimony awards, child custody, and child support.

Changing an existing family court order is accomplished in one of two ways. Your Las Vegas divorce attorney can file either a motion in the local family court, or file an appeal to The Supreme Court of Nevada.

Motions to Effect a Change

Motions take several forms depending on the case status and what type of change is requested. An experienced divorce attorney can recommend the best option for you depending on your circumstances and what type of change you are requesting. Examples of motions include:

A Motion for Reconsideration asks the same family court judge to review a previously issued decision and change it due to various circumstances including, but not limited to: Newly discovered evidence, fraud, mistake of fact, or mistake of law.

A Motion to Set Aside asks the family court judge to vacate an existing order. If the order is vacated, the rulings defined in the original order no longer exist and any issues addressed therein revert back to an unresolved status.

A Motion to Modify asks the family court judge to modify an existing order usually due to a change in circumstances. There are numerous different forms of these motions including, but not limited to: Motion to Modify Decree of Divorce, Motion to Modify Alimony, Motion to Modify Child Custody, Motion to Modify Child Visitation, etc.

Family Law Appeals

A Family Law Appeal is different than all the motions previously discussed here. An appeal takes the matter out of the local family court and asks The Supreme Court of Nevada to change a ruling in a divorce case. The appeals process in Nevada is lengthy, time consuming, and expensive. Learn more about family law appeals.

Las Vegas divorce attorneys, Jennifer V. Abrams, Vincent Mayo and Brandon Leavitt, have years of experience in determining what circumstances can change a family court order or existing Decree of Divorce. Most importantly they know what method should be used to effect the modification.

"I was introduced to Attorney Leavitt 2 years ago while going through a horrible, nasty, Jerry Springer style divorce. Mr. Leavitt was there for me with answers to any and all question and worked with me through the divorce and child custody battle. I as a father was awarded joint custody and all of the frustration I had was dealt with by Brandon in a swift, fast and supportive manner. He is a straight shooter with very high morals and ethics."
-Erik H.

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