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Hidden Assets

There can be situations where one spouse has concealed funds or other assets during the marriage. It is important that you receive your appropriate share of the marital assets whether they have been secreted or not.

If your case requires it, we can retain a court certified forensic accountant to investigate business and personal finances in search of hidden assets. These investigators conduct a comprehensive analysis in all financial areas. Learn more about court certified forensic accountants.

Hidden Assets After the Decree of Divorce is Finalized

There are also situations where hidden assets are discovered after the Decree of Divorce has been filed. These assets are known as omitted assets. Omitted assets can be recovered in post-divorce motions. Learn more about divorce modifications.

Circumstances of Hidden Assets

Hidden assets tend to actually exist if any combination of the following pertains to your specific situation:
  • Your spouse is repeatedly dishonest.
  • The marriage is lengthy, and there have been years to formulate a plan to hide the assets.
  • There are significant and/or multiple sources of income.
  • There has been a one-time "windfall" of income.
There are various methods that our law firm employs to identify and locate hidden assets. Some efforts reveal the assets immediately and some require more effort. There are also situations where the assets do not really exist.

Millions Uncovered

We have previously uncovered millions of dollars of assets, which were hidden from our clients during their marriage. We also always include language in the Decree of Divorce that protects you, whether the assets are discovered during, or after, the divorce proceedings.

Las Vegas divorce attorneys, Jennifer V. Abrams, Vincent Mayo and Brandon Leavitt are experienced in uncovering what was previously thought hidden, regardless of how clever your spouse believes they are or have been.

If any funds or other financial value exists where it was previously thought not to, we will immediately take steps to secure the assets, and hold your spouse or ex-spouse accountable.

"My spouse surprised me with a divorce and I was afraid of what would happen. Fortunately, Attorney Mayo acted quickly to advise me and we were able to work out a resolution in a very short period of time."
- Mark K.

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