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Rule # 3 - Don't Argue or Discuss Your Case with Your Spouse

Trying to win verbal arguments in a contested divorce matter is counterproductive. It is our responsibility to represent your interests and fight for you. You most likely will not win the argument and, by saying something you should not, you could possibly compromise your case.

Unless you are specifically instructed otherwise, never discuss anything that your Las Vegas divorce attorney tells you with anyone else, especially your spouse. This includes friends and family that may be in contact with your spouse. We understand that some communications may be necessary, especially if your case involves minor children. However, do not exceed what is absolutely necessary. Learn more about your rights by contacting a Board Certified Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer.

Rule # 4 - Do Not Negotiate on Your Own Behalf or Sign Any Documents

If your spouse wants to discuss resolution, great, we're all for it. Simply tell them to provide a written proposal to their Las Vegas divorce lawyer. Their lawyer is required to forward it to us. This process will remove you from direct negotiations and allow you to discuss the proposal with your board certified Las Vegas divorce attorney. This process always prevents your spouse from pressuring you into a bad agreement.

Leave the negotiations to the skill set of your Las Vegas divorce lawyer. They have negotiated hundreds of settlements and understand through this experience what is best for you. Do not sign any documents unless specifically instructed to by your divorce attorney. What you might think is innocent conversation, or a harmless document, may prejudice your case. Opponents have previously tried to use our clients' statements, or their version of our clients' statements, against them.

If you are unsure about anything related to your case, contact your divorce attorney before you act. If your question or concern is an emergency or time sensitive and must be addressed during non-business hours, you may reach your Las Vegas divorce attorney on their private cell phone number. This number is available to all of our clients 24/7 including holidays. Learn more about your Client's Bill of Rights from a family lawyer in Las Vegas.

Rule # 5 - Participate - You Are a Valuable Member of the Team

We employ a team strategy. You are a valuable member of the team and you will be participating in your contested divorce case. Open communication with your Las Vegas divorce lawyer is essential to managing your case properly. You must be truthful and forthcoming about all information pertaining to your case. There is nothing that can compromise a case faster than being "blindsided" by information that we are not aware of, which is subsequently revealed by your spouse's Las Vegas divorce attorney. When you fully inform your divorce lawyer, we can prevent this blindsiding from happening.

Your input is valuable and you must follow the instructions from your Las Vegas divorce attorney. It is not reasonable to expect your divorce attorney to simultaneously battle the opposition and also expend needless energy trying to get you to cooperate.

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