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Best Divorce Attorneys in Las Vegas

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The process of contested divorce is unique for you. It is not for us. Each Las Vegas divorce lawyer in our law firm is board certified by The State Bar of Nevada as a family law specialist. They are widely regarded as some of the best divorce attorneys in Las Vegas with tens of thousands of hours of combined experience in divorce cases of all types.

The following information is based on their experience and provided to assist you in managing your contested divorce. This is general information and is not intended to be specific legal advice. Every issue may also not pertain to your unique situation. Please address your specific questions with one of our board certified Las Vegas divorce lawyers. Learn more about our Board Certified Divorce Lawyers in Las Vegas.

Rule # 1 - Don't Listen to Nonsense from Your Spouse

While this sounds simple enough, we have listed it first for a reason. This is often the hardest thing for someone going through a contested divorce to do. This is especially true if your spouse has been controlling. You may have been conditioned to believe that your spouse is quite powerful and anything that they say goes.

We assure you that your spouse, regardless of any talents, is no match for a board certified Las Vegas divorce lawyer. Your spouse may make statements with such confidence that they sound believable. The reality is that your spouse has little or no real understanding of what will happen in your contested divorce case.

It is critical that you understand that your spouse is now on the opposite team. You and your spouse are no longer working for common goals. If you listen to, or even worse, actually believe what they tell you, you will have joined your opponent. You will have just become your own worst enemy. No one, including one of our certified Las Vegas divorce lawyers can help you, if you are not willing to help yourself. It is up to you to stand up for yourself by not letting your spouse's statements effect you.

Your board certified Las Vegas divorce lawyer can put your spouse's statements in the proper perspective. Learn more about The State Bar of Nevada Board Certification for each Las Vegas Family Lawyer.

Rule # 2 - Fear No One

Regardless of anything your spouse or anyone else may tell you, each board certified divorce lawyer at The Abrams Law Firm is fearless in representing each client. We are accustomed to having the opposition represented by:
    a) two or more attorneys simultaneously
    b) attorneys who play dirty tricks
    c) attorneys who make unsupported accusations
    d) attorneys who foster animosity rather than trying to settle the case
We face the top Las Vegas divorce attorneys as opponents on a regular basis. We fear no one. Your attitude should be the same. Learn why our clients choose our Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers.

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"I absolutely am honored to have experienced what The Abrams Law Firm has done for me. They are very professional and understanding. They went to work on my case right away, and still check in on me and make sure things are handled appropriately. They did not hesitate to fight for the best way to get my case done, and by any means, they were ready to fight thru a trial. We ended up settling in mediation, and got pretty much what we were asking for. I am very grateful to have found this law firm, and would recommend them to anyone that wants professional assistance in getting their case solved and to be able to move on with their life as soon as possible. Thank you atty. Jennifer Abrams, and Stephanie Stolz. You are truly the BEST!!!!!"
- Donella Boyd

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